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Scientist states a startling fact, humiliating lying propagandists

Given the Right and their "thnuk tanks" concede the Green's lie, man causes globular warming and climatically sheet changing via carbon emissions, this is pertinent:

Research Scientist Dr. Roy W. Spencer (the University of Alabama), is so disturbed by the lies governments are using as an excuse to impose destructive policies that he has taken to public polemics. He has been engaged in the fight since at least 2004. His effectiveness is indicated by the sheer number of hardcore Leftists who expend many words smearing him, as even a cursory google search shows.

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The Great Migration Crisis

Many of the birds that migrate to Britain and Europe from Africa every spring, from the willow warbler to the cuckoo, are undergoing alarming declines, new research shows.

The falls in numbers are so sharp and widespread that ornithologists are waking up to a major new environmental problem - the possibility that the whole system of bird migration between Africa and Europe is running into trouble.

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Indonesia raises alert level on Java volcano: volcanology office

Indonesian authorities raised the alert level on a volcano near the country's third largest city, the state volcanology office said Thursday.

"Since April 16, 2008, at 12:00 am (0500 GMT), we have upgraded the alert level of (Mount) Papandayan to 'vigilance' (level two)," a statement on the volcanology office's website said.

The alert level for the mountain, near the city of Bandung, is now two rungs below that for an impending eruption.

Papandayan rises 2,665 metres (8,743 feet) above sea level and is 51 kilometres (31.5 miles) southeast of Bandung city, which has a population of three million, while the greater Bandung area is home to about 4.5 million.

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Extreme Ocean Storms Have Become More Frequent Over Past Three Decades, Study Of Tiny Tremors Shows

Data from faint earth tremors caused by wind-driven ocean waves -- often dismissed as "background noise" at seismographic stations around the world -- suggest extreme ocean storms have become more frequent over the past three decades. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and other prominent researchers have predicted that stronger and more frequent storms may occur as a result of global warming trends. The tiny tremors, or microseisms, offer a new way to discover whether these predictions are already coming true, said Richard Aster, a geophysics professor at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

wind-driven ocean waves
©iStockphoto/Eric Gevaert
Data from faint earth tremors caused by wind-driven ocean waves -- often dismissed as "background noise" at seismographic stations around the world -- suggest extreme ocean storms have become more frequent over the past three decades.

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Three killed, 40 missing as typhoon Neoguri hits south China

Three people were killed and 40 fishermen including 22 Vietnamese went missing after typhoon Neoguri hit south China on the weekend, national media said on Monday.

Two of the victims, an 80-year-old woman and an 11-year-old girl, died in a mudslide in Shenzhen on Sunday, and the third was killed in Zhuhai by an aluminum sheet that was blown off a roof by high winds, Xinhua news agency reported.


Mysterious Flow Turns Yard Into Pond

A Longwood, Florida family's yard looks more like a pond as water surges from a mysterious hole on Monday.


Moose multiplying in Scandinavia

Oslo, Norway -- Biologists say there are now record numbers of moose in Scandinavia -- the greatest population since the Ice Age.

By the end of the 20th century, there were 30 times as many moose as there had been 100 years earlier, Aftenposten reports. The number of collisions between moose and trains, trucks and cars was also a record this winter.


Loggerhead turtles on decline in Florida

Tampa, Fla. -- The number of loggerhead sea turtle nests is on the decline throughout Florida, indicating a potential threat to the animals, wildlife experts say.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission official Anne Meylan said 4,692 of the 45,084 loggerhead nests counted last year in Florida are now gone, an alarming development for wildlife officials, The Tampa (Fla.) Tribune said Saturday.


Why flowers have lost their scent

Pollution is dulling the scent of flowers and impeding some of the most basic processes of nature, disrupting insect life and imperilling food supplies, a new study suggests.

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4.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Illinois Continuing Series

A 4.5-magnitude tremor struck southern Illinois on Monday continuing the series of aftershocks initiated by the 5.2 earthquake which hit the region Friday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) informed.