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Argentina: Monsanto protester beaten, threatened with death at world's largest GMO farm

sofia gatica monsanto
Sofia Gatica holds a container of toxic chemicals.
Sofia Gatica, a leading Argentine campaigner against Monsanto's agrochemical spraying on GM soy and winner of the Goldman Prize, received a death threat from a suspected Monsanto mercenary who held a gun to her. A few days later, Sofia was attacked and beaten up near her place of work.

Protesters in Argentina continue to block construction of what is planned to be the biggest Monsanto plant in Latin America. They have occupied the construction site in Malvinas, Argentina for about two months now and Monsanto stands accused of resorting to intimidation tactics to try and remove them.


'Tips for Jesus': Massive mysterious tips are being left at pubs across the country in God's name

© TipsForJesus on Instagram
In today's day and age, generosity isn't always heralded or highlighted, but some inspirational stories of late show that goodness and kindness are still alive and well.

Take, for instance, the "TipsForJesus" movement, an anonymous individual - or a group of individuals - who continuously leave massive tips at pubs, restaurants and other establishments.

An Instagram account with the username "TipsForJesus" is continuously documenting these escapades, including images of receipts from each good deed and some of the elated faces of individuals receiving these gifts.

While those behind the tip giving effort remain a mystery, a mission statement is present on the aforementioned Instagram account: "Doing the Lord's work, one tip at a time."

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Catholic hospital sent home woman enduring dangerous, prolonged miscarriage, suit claims

A Michigan woman said she was denied proper medical treatment three times by a Catholic hospital because it would have conflicted with the church's teachings.

Tamesha Means said she was only 18 weeks pregnant in 2010 when her water broke prematurely, and she went to Mercy Health Hospital in Muskegon - the only hospital within a half-hour of her home.

A lawsuit filed Nov. 29 by the ACLU claims health care providers did not tell Means that she had little chance of successfully continuing the pregnancy or that her own health was at risk if she tried to continue the pregnancy.

Instead, the suit claims, Means was simply sent home.

But Means returned to Mercy Health the following day, bleeding and in pain, and the suit claims she was again sent home without being told about the risks of continuing her pregnancy.

Means came back a third time - now suffering a serious infection - and the suit claims health care providers intended to send her home yet again when she went into premature labor.

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Starving rebels eat lion from a Damascus zoo

Pictures of a lion reportedly killed for food were posted online
A graphic picture has emerged which appears to show Syrian rebels so desperate for food they have killed and butchered a lion.

Parts of Damascus have been under siege by the Syrian army for more than six months, causing food to become scarce as winter draws near.

The picture, which has not been independently verified, appears to show a visibly emaciated lion.

It is though to have been captured from Al-Qarya al-Shama Zoo, in east Ghouta.

Last month, clerics issued a fatwa, or religious order which allowed staving Syrians to eat cats and dogs if food supplies became desperate.

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Best of the Web: New low for Congress: Just 6 percent approve, finally lower than car salespeople

The public's approval rating for Congress has finally hit rock bottom: For the first time, America has a higher opinion of car salespeople.

A new Economist/ poll put the approval rating of Congress at a historic low of 6 percent. A December 2012 Gallup poll comparing Congress' approval ratings to other occupations had car salespeople at the bottom at 8 percent and Congress at 10 percent. Now Congress is the cellar dweller.

The nation's bad opinion of Congress, impacted by inaction, budget fights and the battle over the filibuster, has also spread to Senate leaders. Just 19 percent approve of Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell while 54 percent disapprove. Democratic leader Sen. Harry Reid's ratings are 52 percent unfavorable, 25 percent favorable.

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Buyer beware: Negative online reviews could end up costing you big

One Family Is Still Struggling To Regain Their Credit 6 Years Later

If you have ever written a negative online review of a product or service it could wind up costing you thousands of dollars and causing countless headaches.

When John Palmer tried to buy his wife some Christmas gifts his holiday shopping spree turned into a nightmare that he is still living with 6 years later.

"We don't want them to get away with this," Palmer said.

The gifts that Palmer ordered off of never arrived, he claimed. After 30 days Pay Pal canceled the transaction.

The couple repeatedly called the website to find out what happened but did not get an answer so they posted a review on, CBS 2′s Kathryn Brown reported.

"There is absolutely no way to get in touch with a physical human being. No extensions work," the review said.

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Bill O'Reilly: Jesus is 'not down' with giving poor people food stamps because it's their fault

Bill O'Reilly - Fox News
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No one knows what Jesus would do to feed today's poor, hungry Americans - but Fox News host Bill O'Reilly is pretty sure the Christian savior wouldn't be "down with" giving them food stamps because it's "their fault."

After Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) recently said that Jesus "didn't charge food stamps" in response to Republican efforts to cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Pope Francis called income inequality immoral, O'Reilly tried to set the record straight with a segment about the "nanny state" on Tuesday.

The Fox News host acknowledged that Christ would have fed the poor, but objected to the idea that he would have "hurt" richer Americans to help feed them.

"The problem I have, as I stated is that you're helping one group by hurting another group and a bigger group, and so I don't know if Jesus is going to be down with that," O'Reilly told Pentecostal Pastor Joshua Dubois.

"Jesus would be down for the poor," Dubois pointed out. "He would want to make sure every single person in this country had enough food to eat. And the bottom line is if you add up every single private charitable dollar that feeds hungry people in this country, it's only 10 percent of what we would need to make sure everyone has food in their stomachs. The rest comes from the federal government."


U.S. Army Seargents coerced rookie female soldiers into prostitution ring at Fort Hood - Officers ran base's 'sex assault and harassment prevention program'

Seventeen-year veteran accused of using service set up by co-ordinator of base's sex assault and harassment prevention program

Female soldiers at Fort Hood testified Monday that they were recruited for a prostitution ring set up by a sergeant involved in the sexual assault and harassment program at the Central Texas post.

The testimony came as the court-martial began for another Fort Hood soldier accused of using the service, which Army prosecutors said preyed upon young, cash-strapped female soldiers at Fort Hood.

Master Sergeant Brad Grimes is a 17-year Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Army prosecutors said in the military court on Monday that Grimes participated in the prostitution ring set up by another Fort Hood sergeant not yet charged but still under Army investigation, the Austin American-Statesman reported.

Comment: See also: 'One third of US military women raped'

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Cannibal cop allegations rock Germany

© MARTIN OESER/AFP/Getty ImagesSelf-confessed cannibal Armin Meiwes sits in the courtroom, Jan. 12, 2006 in Frankfurt, as prosecutors sought a murder conviction for him after he killed and ate an apparently willing victim he met on the Internet in 2001.
Over a decade after a similar case shocked the world, a German daily reported that a German police officer may have seduced and murdered a man he met on a cannibalism fetish website. The suspect has been arrested.

Police on Wednesday found body parts on a property in the Ore Mountains, in the eastern German state of Saxony, that, according to German tabloid Bild, came from a murder carried out as part of a cannibal fetish act. The body parts are believed to belong to a 59-year-old man from Hanover, while the main suspect, who, according to Bild, owns the property on which the remains were found, is a 55-year-old police officer.

The spokesperson for the head prosecutor, Lorenz Haase, confirmed to German news agency DPA that "the men knew each other." According to Bild, the two men met on a website for cannibal fetishists. The suspect then allegedly invited the man to his property in Reichenau, a small town in the mountains.

According to Bild, the victim had been cut into many small pieces some time in early November and many parts of the victim have yet to be found, leading to suspicions part of his body may have been eaten.

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Dozens of venomous lizards and snakes found in small Osaka flat in Japan

A Japanese man living in the city of Osaka has been taken in for questioning by the city police after it was found that he has been keeping more than 80 reptiles, which includes venomous lizards and snakes, as pets in his small one-room flat. The police were alerted after a very scared neighbor found a long snake slithering along a wall outside his flat, after which he promptly informed the authorities.

Police officers then raided the property and found that that there were dozens of reptiles being kept in individual containers within the very small 107-square-feet studio flat. For many of the different types of reptiles found, a prospective owner would need to obtain correct permits to keep them in a home within the city, and the owner could not show such permits. The reptiles for which the owner did not have permits for were then seized by the police, including a boa constrictor that stretched nearly 10 feet. The owner was a 40-year-old man, who reportedly told the officers that all the reptiles found inside his home were kept as personal pets, and he regularly fed them frozen mice.

Most Japanese pet owners would probably opt for cats or dogs, but owning exotic reptiles such as snakes and lizards have become increasingly popular in recent years. Japan is already home to a "reptile café", where visitors observe and pet a range of different species of reptiles while having a cup of tea. The prosecutors' office in Osaka is currently examining the case on suspicion that the man, who was not arrested, violated laws in relation to the welfare and the management of animals in his home. "The man told us he kept them as pets and fed them on things like frozen mice. We are investigating where he obtained these reptiles," a police official said.

Source: The Telegraph