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FBI Turns Down Request for Info on Carrier IQ

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has denied a request regarding Carrier IQ, a piece of software found on smartphones and designed to send information on handsets to carriers. The request, filed by reporter Michael Morisy of Muckrock News under the Freedom of Information Act, asked for "manuals, documents of other written guidance used to access or analyze data" gathered by any Carrier IQ program.

In denying the request, the FBI said it had information but could not disclose it because it is considered "law enforcement records." In other words, they're vital to some kind of ongoing investigation.

That seems to confirm fears about the program being used as spyware by the government. But before you put on your tinfoil hat, you should note - as Morisy does - that this could also mean that the FBI is investigating Carrier IQ. It's not clear from the bureau's language at this time, and Morisy has said he will file an appeal in an effort to obtain more information.


Cheney: President should have gone in and destroyed drone

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President Barack Obama said Monday that the United States has asked Iran to return a U.S. drone aircraft that Iran claims it recently brought down in Iranian territory.

"We've asked for it back. We'll see how the Iranians respond," Obama said in a news conference, alongside Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

A top Iranian military official previously vowed not to return the unmanned American stealth plane that it says it has.

"No nation welcomes other countries' spy drones in its territory, and no one sends back the spying equipment and its information back to the country of origin," said Gen. Hossein Salami, deputy commander of Iran's military, the semi-official Fars news agency reported Sunday.

"It makes no difference where this drone originated and which group or country sent it to invade our airspace," Salami said. "This was an act of invasion and belligerence."

Star of David

Iran must chose between a bomb or survival: Israel

© Agence France-PresseStrategic Affairs Minister Moshe Yaalon, pictured in November 2011. The senior Israeli cabinet minister on Monday said Iran must be forced to face an existential question over its nuclear drive: choose between getting an atomic bomb, or survival.
A senior Israeli cabinet minister on Monday said Iran must be forced to face an existential question over its nuclear drive: choose between getting an atomic bomb, or survival.

"We believe that in order to stop the Iranian military nuclear project, the regime in Tehran should face a dilemma -- whether to have a bomb or to survive," Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Yaalon told reporters in Jerusalem.

Yaalon said however it was for the international community, rather than Israel, to apply what he called an "achievable" policy.

"We prefer that the international community led by the United States will bring about this dilemma in order to convince the regime to give up its military nuclear programme," he said, stressing the need for political isolation and economic sanctions aimed at the banking and oil sectors.

Israel and much of the international community fear that Iran's nuclear programme masks a drive for a weapons capability.


Lebanon: Hezbollah Identifies Undercover CIA Officers

Hassan Nasrallah
© unknownHassan Nasrallah
The militant group Hezbollah has revealed the identities of CIA officers working undercover in Lebanon, a blow to agency operations in the region and the latest salvo in an escalating spy war.

Hezbollah made the names public in a broadcast Friday night on a Lebanese television station, al-Manar. Using animated videos, the station recreated meetings purported to take place between CIA officers and paid informants at Starbucks and Pizza Hut.

The disclosure comes after Hezbollah managed to partially unravel the agency's spy network in Lebanon after running a double agent against the CIA, former and current U.S. intelligence officials said. They requested anonymity to discuss matters of intelligence.

In June, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah bragged that his group had identified at least two spies working for the CIA. It is not clear whether one of those spies was, in fact, the same double agent working for Hezbollah, which is considered a terrorist group by the U.S. Nasrallah has called the U.S. Embassy in Beirut a "den of spies."


The U.S. Just Crashed Another Unmanned Drone - This Time In Seychelles

© Wikimedia CommonsMQ-9 drone
For the second time in as many weeks, the U.S. Air Force lost a unmanned aerial vehicle, blaming mechanical problems once again.

AlertNet reports the MQ-9 drone crashed at Seychelles International Airport on Tuesday and the U.S. Embassy in Mauritius confirmed the news, saying: "A U.S. Air Force remote-piloted MQ-9 crashed at the Seychelles International Airport in Mahe. The MQ-9 was not armed and no injuries were reported."

The MQ-9, generally referred to as the Reaper, is capable of autonomous or controlled flight operations during its "hunter-killer" missions. The large drone flies at high-altitude for extended periods and can be laden with 1,000 pounds of ordnance and stay aloft for more than 14 hours.

Comment: There were also reports back in October of a mysterious virus that had infected America's drone fleet.


Unmanned Drones Are Already Being Used in the U.S.

It's unsurprising, but troubling nonetheless.
© U.S. Air Force

At the end of November, news broke that the FAA was considering troubling changes to current regulations that, if enacted, will permit the use of unmanned drones for nonmilitary purposes. Alas, it appears that the proposed regulatory changes are merely a means of formalizing what is already an ongoing practice. A story in the Sunday, December 11 edition of the Los Angeles Times confirms that Law Enforcement officials are already using drones with support from the U.S. Customs.

The case in question, one of the strangest juxtapositions of modern technology and rustic, ahem, simplicity in recent memory, involves a dispute over the ownership of cattle - yes, moo cows - in Nelson County, North Dakota. Earlier this year, 6 cows from a neighboring property wandered onto the Brossart family farm. The Brossarts refused to return them to their original owners, and local Sheriffs were called in to resolve the mess. On June 23, Sheriff Kelly Janke attempted to serve the Brossarts with a warrant to search the property, only to be chased off at gunpoint. (The Brossarts, according to local Sheriffs, belong to the Sovereign Citizen movement, an extremist right wing movement that rejects the authority of the federal government and the US Constitution.)


Best of the Web: US: Suspend Habeas Corpus and Enact Martial Law?

police in riot gear
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Americans seem ready to forfeit their most basic civil liberty -- actually, all their civil liberties -- without a whimper.

By a vote of 93-7 the Senate this month approved a military appropriations bill empowering the government to designate any U.S. citizen within the country as a terrorist and to have the military hold him indefinitely without trial and without the right to habeas corpus, the right to be brought before a court for a judgment on the legality of one's imprisonment.

In effect the legislation is a declaration of martial law throughout the country.

The bill still has to be reconciled by a conference committee with a different version passed by the House of Representatives. But even Connecticut U.S. Rep. Joseph D. Courtney, a liberal Democrat and a member of the committee, plans to support the martial law provision and expects it to be enacted. Courtney, who used to be a lawyer, cites as consolation the money contained in the bill for Connecticut military contractors, tens of millions of dollars for jet fighter engines manufactured by the Pratt & Whitney division of United Technologies Corp. in East Hartford and for nuclear submarines made by the Electric Boat division of General Dynamics in Groton.

Light Sabers

UK Police to test laser that 'blinds rioters'

Laser police
© The TelegraphPolice will trial a laser-firing rifle to suppress riots, the Home Office said.
A shoulder-mounted laser that emits a blinding wall of light capable of repelling rioters is to be trialled by police under preparations to prevent a repeat of this summer's looting and arson.

The technology, developed by a former Royal Marine commando, temporarily impairs the vision of anyone who looks towards the source.

It has impressed a division of the Home Office which is testing a new range of devices because of the growing number of violent situations facing the police.

The developer, British-based Photonic Security Systems, hopes to offer the device to shipping companies to deter pirates. Similar devices have been used by ISAF troops in Afghanistan to protect convoys from insurgents.

The laser, resembling a rifle and known as an SMU 100, can dazzle and incapacitate targets up to 500m away with a wall of light up to three metres squared. It costs £25,000 and has an infrared scope to spot looters in poor visibility.

Looking at the intense beam causes a short-lived effect similar to staring at the sun, forcing the target to turn away.


Sibel Edmonds: Exclusive- Developing Story: Hundreds of US-NATO Soldiers Arrive & Begin Operations on the Jordan-Syria Border

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According to first-hand accounts and reports provided to Boiling Frogs Post by several sources in Jordan, during the last few hours foreign military groups, estimated at hundreds of individuals, began to spread near the villages of the north-Jordan city of "Al-Mafraq", which is adjacent to the Jordanian and Syrian border.

According to one Jordanian military officer who asked to remain anonymous, hundreds of soldiers who speak languages ​other than Arabic were seen during the past two days in those areas moving back and forth in military vehicles between the King Hussein Air Base of al-Mafraq (10 km from the Syrian border), and the vicinity of Jordanian villages adjacent to the Syrian border, such as village Albaej (5 km from the border), the area around the dam of Sarhan, the villages of Zubaydiah and al-Nahdah adjacent to the Syrian border.

Another report received from our source in Amman identified an additional US-NATO Command Center in "al-Houshah,' a village near Mafraq.


You Can Run but You Can't Hide: Xe, Formerly Known As Blackwater, Changes Name To Academi

© unknownChange your name as much as you like, you're still cold blooded killers.
Despite new ownership, a new board and new management, security contractor Xe Services LLC could never shake a troublesome nickname: the company formerly known as Blackwater.

Now, it's the company formerly known as Xe.

On Monday, Virginia-based Xe plans to unveil a new name - Academi - and new logo. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Ted Wright, president and chief executive, said the name change aims to signal a strategy shift by one of the U.S. government's biggest providers of training and security services.

Mr. Wright said Academi will try to be more "boring."

Founded by former Navy SEAL Erik Prince, the original Blackwater cultivated a special-operations mystique. But it was tarnished by a string of high-profile incidents, including a deadly 2007 shootout in Iraq that ultimately led to its reorganization and rebranding as Xe Services. Mr. Prince left the business in 2010, selling his stake to investor group USTC Holdings LLC.

Mr. Wright came on board this summer as part of a continuing corporate reorganization. In recent meetings with clients, he said he explained that the new corporate identity was supposed to stress the company's focus on regulatory compliance and contract management, in addition to its track record of protecting clients. "I tell them, from now on, I'm going to be in the background; I'm going to be boring," he said. "You're not going to see me in headlines."

Comment: Lawsuit now accuses Xe (a.k.a. Blackwater ) contractors of murder, kidnapping
Yemen: The Covert Apparatus of the American Empire
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