crocus mall terrorist attack
© REUTERS/Maxim ShemetovSmoke from fire rises above the burning Crocus City Hall concert venue following a shooting incident, outside Moscow, Russia, March 22, 2024.
Accusing ISIS sounds like a mere way of disguising the real culprits.

The recent terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall, in the suburbs of Moscow, has taken over the news around the world. The tragedy made many internet users pay attention to the Russian scenario, generating curiosity in Western public opinion. However, as expected, anti-Russian media outlets are spreading rumors designed to disguise the truth about what happened in Krasnogorsk.

The attack was carried out by four gunmen who entered the Crocus facilities and murdered more than 140 Russian civilians. After the massacre, the killers escaped and hours later were captured by Russian security forces while trying to cross the border into Ukraine in Bryansk oblast. They claimed they were hired via Telegram and received weapons from the hirers to conduct the attack. The reward for terrorist service would be half a million Russian rubles.

Western media rushed to publish materials claiming that Kiev was not related to the attack. Reports began to emerge linking the shooters to ISIS, but without showing sufficient evidence to prove this hypothesis. Subsequently, the arrested terrorists had their identities discovered and indeed appear to have links to Islamic extremism, but it is still unclear about any real affiliation with ISIS.

There are some points to be clarified in order to understand the case based on the information available so far. Although investigations are still ongoing, it is possible to draw some partial conclusions based on the evidence presented. First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that the terrorist operation was extremely complex, involving multiple agents and a profound ability to circumvent Moscow's security mechanisms.
Terrorists attacking the Crocus City Hall
© Scott Ritter ExtraTerrorists attacking the Crocus City Hall.
Clearly, this was not the action of "lone wolves", but of a complex network of agents, with intelligence support. A factor that also proves this is the attempted escape through Bryansk. Since the Ukrainian attacks on the region in 2023, Bryansk has been heavily protected by the Russians, with minefields and solid defense positions on the border. The area has become so difficult to cross that it has been avoided by Ukrainian forces even in the current context of terrorist incursions across Russian borders, when there have been so many attacks on Belgorod and Kursk.

For some reason, the terrorists tried to evade precisely through Bryansk , which indicates that they had detailed information on how to cross the border and find support on the other side. This is a sign that Ukrainian intelligence was actively participating in the operation, providing the necessary data for the killers to find the best route to evade Russian troops - which fortunately did not happen, with those responsible for the crime being arrested.

So, these data indicate that the Kiev regime actively participated in the attack. As we know, Ukraine, as a proxy state, never acts alone. If the regime's intelligence forces were involved in the operation, then there was certainly coordination from the Collective West through strategists based on Ukrainian soil, which means that NATO countries are co-responsible for the crime in Crocus.

Evidence of this is the suspicious act that, a few weeks earlier, the American Embassy issued a warning to its citizens to avoid participating in public events in Moscow. If the US really had data that pointed to the imminence of an attack, then the right thing to do would be to hand over such information to Moscow and cooperate with the Russians to thwart the attack. But, apparently, the Americans never had such an intention, which indicates that they acted with bad intentions - either actively participating in the attack or ignoring the threat.

It is also necessary to remember that the former American Deputy Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, had made controversial statements promising "surprises" to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Considering the personal history of Nuland, who is the mind behind the Maidan and the US' "Ukrainian project", it is possible to suspect that she was actually planning terrorist attacks in Russia. Furthermore, her recent exit from office is an indication that she is trying to get out of the public attention - and she appears to have been concerned about doing so precisely a few days before the Crocus event.

Finally, it is possible to say that Washington and Kiev appear to be acting together again to cause deaths of Russian civilians. Claims of ISIS responsibility do not sound true, but as merely distraction strategy. ISIS as a solid political organization was liquidated years ago, in the context of the Russian military intervention in Syria. There are currently remnants of ISIS fighting in several countries, mainly in Ukraine, but it does not appear to be a group strong enough to carry out complex attacks like this one in Moscow.

Indeed, the shooters appear to have links to Islamic extremism, but that does not mean they are actually members of ISIS. It should be noted that they tried to escape the place, not seeking suicide or any other practice common to members of ISIS. Although they are radical Islamists, they appear to have acted as mercenaries, agreeing to kill Russian civilians for Ukrainian money.

In this sense, the data points to the existence of a complex terrorist network, with the Collective West coordinating an incursion against Russia through Ukraine and using Wahhabi mercenaries to carry out the operation. Attributing responsibility to ISIS seems just a way to exempt Ukraine and its Western allies from the role they obviously have in the case.