The survivor told authorities that the door to her hiding spot in the brothel (pictured) remained shut for the duration of the massacre
The incident sent shockwaves across Austria, garnering global media attention. More unsettling details have surfaced about the motives of the Afghan man who confessed to the brutal killing of three prostitutes in Vienna.

Comment: Note the incident occurred on the 24th of February, with the identity of the criminal and his 'motive' just now being released.

Claiming to have found justification in the Quran, he embarked on a spree of violence, stabbing his victims a staggering 96 times, nearly decapitating two of them, reports eXXpress.

Ebadullah A. was not supposed to be in Vienna. Initially seeking asylum in Carinthia, he remained under the radar in the capital. Now, he stands as the prime suspect in the murders of three Asian masseuses at a sex studio in Vienna-Brigittenau. During police interrogations, he admitted to his actions, attributing them to a belief that "Prostitutes are under the guise of Satan" and claiming he was instructed to engage in jihad by the Quran.

Though Ebadullah A. is entitled to the presumption of innocence, the gruesome details of the crime are alarming. Reports suggest meticulous planning, evidenced by his premeditated purchase of three knives from a supermarket. One of these knives was used to threaten the police during his arrest.