dog attack
A two-year-old child is dead after dogs attacked him on Friday evening.

According to Don Webster with HEMSI, the attack happened just before 5:30 this evening on T.R. Christian Road in New Hope.

Ricky Clark, the owner of the dogs, believes the boy got into his backyard by opening the gate himself.

The gate was latched but not locked. He also says his dogs have never harmed anyone before.

Madison County Sheriff's Office deputies and HEMSI are on the scene.

We don't know the name of boy who died or whether the dogs will be put down as a result of the attacks.

However, we do know the breed of the dogs were a Husky and a German Shepard/Golden Retriever mix.

Madison County Coroner Dr. Tyler Berryhill confirmed that the boy was pronounced dead at the scene. Berryhill says he sustained fatal bite wounds and an autopsy will be performed this week.