dr phil on the view
© The View/ABCDr. Phil discussed on "The View" how the COVID-19 school closures hurt the mental health of children.
America experimented with the lives of millions of children during the pandemic and sacrificed their mental health to satiate adults' fears.

The media's loudest voices pushed the silent torture of the most innocent population with constant isolation.

Dr. Phil hammered home how our COVID-19 response created more harm for American children than the virus we were attempting to protect them from on ABC's "The View" Monday.

"In '08, '09, smartphones came on, and kids stopped living their lives and started watching people live their lives, and so we saw the biggest spike and the highest levels of depression, anxiety, loneliness and suicidality since records have ever been kept, and it's just continued on and on and on," lamented TV personality Phil McGraw.

"And then COVID hits 10 years later, and the same agencies that knew that are the agencies that shut down the schools for two years. Who does that? Who takes away the support system for these children?"

He couldn't help continuing: "And by the way, when they shut it down, they stopped the mandated reporters from being able to see children that were being abused and sexually molested and, in fact, sent them home and abandoned them to their abusers with no way to watch, and referrals dropped 50% to 60%."

In response to Dr. Phil's devastating remarks on lockdowns' detrimental side effects on children, Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin objected we were "trying to save children's lives."

"Maybe we're lucky," Goldberg said, "because they kept them out of the places that they could be sick because no one wanted to believe that we had an issue."

A disingenuous Ana Navarro asked, "Are you saying that no schoolchildren died from COVID?"

Dr. Phil poignantly responded, "I'm saying it was the safest group, they were the least vulnerable group, and they suffered and will suffer more from the mismanagement of COVID than they will from the exposure to COVID, and that's not an opinion. That's a fact."

Fearmongers like "The View" hosts who declared there was only one way to mitigate our children's viral risk disregarded the pleas of parents across the country who witnessed their children's mental downward spiral with every passing day in isolation.

What's worse: Even with the clarity of hindsight, their hubris prevents them from accepting their portion of responsibility for propagandizing the appalling treatment of America's innocents.

Yet the show's most telling moment did not come from the hosts or Dr. Phil but the audience's resounding applause in response to Phil's verbal reckoning.

Even the typically left-leaning audience of "The View" acknowledges our heavy-handed COVID approach and cannot deny the harm it's done to children.

I'm one of those parents who saw how consistent isolation challenged the mental fortitude of their child.

Without attending school in person, my son became more reclusive and unmotivated and battled the horrendous emotion of loneliness.

I worried daily about how he was going to survive the torture of isolation because I know firsthand how loneliness can lead you down an irrational emotional path that makes you contemplate ending it all.

Yet the parents who pleaded for a return to normalcy and a balanced approach were smeared as "grandma killers" motivated by selfishness instead of eyewitnesses to the mental deterioration of America's next generation.

In 2021, 37% of high-school students reported they experienced poor mental health during the pandemic, and 44% said they persistently felt sad or hopeless during the past year, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In prison, isolation is used as punishment because humans are social creatures and separating us from each other for an extended period literally invokes a faster death.

A study shows social isolation increased the risk of early death by 32%, and loneliness increased the risk by 14%.

America's lockdown propagandists, irreverent politicians and water-carrying citizens deserve harsh punishment for unjustly sentencing our children to house arrest and denying their appeal.

Adam B. Coleman is the author of "Black Victim to Black Victor" and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing. Follow him on Substack: adambcoleman.substack.com.