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An explosive series of videos has exposed what can only be described as concerted effort by Democrats and George Soros-linked operatives to rig elections ALL OVER THE WORLD.

The videos captured several powerful individuals from across the globe bragging about how they have been responsible for influencing the political outcome in places like Poland, Hungary, Brazil, Turkey, and more.

Among these powerful individuals is one General Wesley Clark, the former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe for NATO.

In one of the clips, Clark can be seen bragging about how he partnered with radical left-wing billionaire George Soros back in 2014 to decide the political leadership of Ukraine.

Clark revealed that Soros has been trying to influence Eastern Europe since the 1990s, spending $500 million a year through his Open Society Institutes in key places like Ukraine - which explains why corruption has taken over the European nation.

This video series also revealed Soros as the primary funding source for a group known as "Action for Democracy" an American based organization which admittedly has the goal of promoting the Democratic party's destructive agenda all over the world. The organization has stated they use the funds to "crack down on independent media" and "mobilize financial support" against people who they claim are "enemies of Democracy."

Soros and co. are working to rig elections by weaponizing the media against conservative political leaders both in America and overseas.

In one example of this, Eric Koch, a Democratic operative, admitted that they tried to trash Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's reputation in the U.S. simply because Donald Trump endorsed him. He said:
"The American right-wing loves him. I was interested in doing something to muddy him up in the United States, at least. As in tarnish his reputation in the United States that he was such a cult hero amongst the conservative mainstream, conservative movement."
Later on, Koch also outlines how his strength is amplifying the hysteria surrounding foreign elections - convincing the American media that "democracy is on the ballot" and of course, the conservative candidate is the "threat" to that democracy.

In the recordings, David Koranyi, executive director of Action for Democracy, openly discussed how the Soros funded group funded opposition to any conservative politician who even thinks about standing up to the globalist forces.

Expressing strong criticism for leaders like Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro, Hungary's Viktor Orban, and Poland's Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Koranyi admits that they have "strategically funding opposition forces to overthrow these governments."

Another one of the videos shows General Clark bragging about "having interfered in the Italian elections" for years. He goes on to note that this interference is not coming from the U.S. government, but rather by a number of powerful private individuals looking to advance their leftist agenda.

The common theme in all of these recordings is the fact that radical Democrats like George Soros are hiding behind seemingly noble goals like "saving Democracy," while in reality, pouring everything they have into ensuring that real Democracy is destroyed.

They've admitted to using their billions to control the media narrative to destroy the reputation of conservatives and then pumping cash into their opposition who would of course be forever loyal to their financiers like Soros and his buddies on the left.

If they're going to these lengths to influence the results of elections abroad, just imagine the extreme measures being deployed here in America - the most important piece of the puzzle in their quest for complete control.

The 5 part video series can be found on X here: