Paolo Pasqualini was found dead at the scene by first responders
Paolo Pasqualini was found dead at the scene by first responders
A man was mauled to death by three Rottweilers that attacked him while he was jogging near a park in Rome, Italy. The incident took place in the municipality of Manziana, on the outskirts of the city on February 11.

39-year-old Paolo Pasqualini was reportedly jogging when he came across the pack of dogs, according to local media. Pasqualini was then mauled to death as horrified witnesses who reported the incident felt powerless to help. He was found dead by first responders at the scene.

Manziana administration said in a note: "From initial reconstructions, it would seem that the man while jogging in the woods, was attacked by three dogs, who presumably escaped from a private property not far from the scene of the incident. The animals were captured and made safe by the competent authorities."

The dogs' owners claimed their Rottweilers had never been aggressive prior to the incident. The woman said she was unaware they had escaped, but the couple now risk charges of failure to provide custody or manslaughter, local media reports.

The Italian Association for the Protection of Animals and the Environment (AIDAA) expressed the "pain and closeness to the family" of the victim, but asked that the "three dogs not be killed and that a thorough investigation be carried out on the incident, verifying any responsibility of third parties in the escape of the dogs".

The news comes after tough restrictions were imposed on XL Bully breeds in England and Wales last year after a spate of attacks across the UK, some resulting in death. Britain saw at least 12 fatal attacks involving the dogs since the pandemic. Dad Ian Price, 52, was mauled to death by two dogs thought to be XL Bullys in Staffordshire, on September 14 last year.

Under the new law, it is now illegal for the dogs to be bred, sold, or re-homed and they must be kept on a lead and muzzled when in public. From February 1, it became illegal to own an unregistered XL bully dog in England and Wales, unless you pay ยฃ92.40 for a valid Certificate of Exemption, and have a third party public liability insurance in place.