Tucker Carlson labeled enemy of the country by Ukrainian website The US journalist is attributed with "participating in humanitarian aggression against Ukraine"
US journalist Tucker Carlson, who recently interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin, has been listed in the database of the Ukrainian website Mirotvorets (deemed extremist by Russia), which publishes the personal data of people deemed enemies of Ukraine by the portal's creators.

Carlson was blacklisted on June 8, 2023. He is attributed with "participating in humanitarian aggression against Ukraine" and "manipulating public information."

Earlier, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Carlson had met with Putin, and the two sat down to talk. According to Peskov, the interview will be released "as soon as it is ready." According to The Wall Street Journal, Carlson will post the interview on February 8. It is expected to appear on the journalist's X page as well as on his official website.

Carlson said on Tuesday that he would also try to get an interview with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky as all previous coverage of Zelensky by the Western media was biased.