Lying Ursula
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A number of odd statements have been coming from the EU in recent days, coupled with some even odder skulduggery giving rise to thought that the entire project is having its 'last days of the Roman Empire moment'. Is it possible that the EU that we know is on its last legs and what we are witnessing is the final demise?

Ursula von der Leyen, whose grandparents were probably Wafen SS officers has said that if she doesn't get her way in finding new money for Ukraine she will have to resort to dirty tricks. Well, she didn't actually say "dirty tricks" but this is what is implied. And what might those underhand moves might be? In fact, there is already a motion in the EU corridors to make Hungary effectively a non-EU member state, a sort of rogue member which is still in the EU but has no voting rights. Given that the EU is anything but a democracy and that the institutions in Brussels are monolithic and consensus-driven (there is no 'opposition' in Brussels like in most democratic countries) it is hardly surprising to see nefarious activities which would make an African dictator proud of his handy work. The EU, or rather the super federalist elite which run it in Brussels like von der Leyen and her mates as Pfizer - yes, multinational corporations really wield the most power in Brussels and more or less own the European Parliament - are getting worried. The project is starting to indulge in in-fighting and creating a lot of mixed message in the media. Gardner-in-chief Josep Borrell wants a new shiny state for the Palestinians but Ursula is perfectly happy with the present genocide program. Perhaps she sees in investment opportunities in offshore gas off the coast of Gaza?

And so with the economy in the doldrums and the EUs most powerful member state Germany looking more and more like the Czech Republic in the late 90s, the uber elites like Ursula and the most vile MEP the European Parliament ever had - Guy Verhofstadt - are worried that the project can be hijacked by far-right MEPs come the next euro election in the summer. Ironically, in such a scenario where the European parliament's main majority bloc would be a far-right group, the support for Netanyahu would peak and even save him from falling into his own quagmire of corruption charges, as the far-right in Europe support the Zionists, shifting from the once popular idea of wiping them out under Hitler's 'final solution' plan.

Psycho Guy Verhofstadt
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But the EU would never be the same again. These MEPs support reversing the centralisation of power back to member states. And so it is hardly any surprise at all that Verhofstadt, a man so bereft of charm that he makes a pile of damp towels look exciting, gives another one of his fiery speeches in the European parliament with always the same theme: all our problems can be resolved if we has more money, more power and an EU army.

The fault is with member states, the European parliament's top wanker-in-chief argues as he throws his head around and animates very much like a power hungry leader in the 1930s who got us in this mess in the first place.

Have you noticed lots of media reports pointing to war with Russia? Wonder what this is based on? Of course there is no imminent war with Russia but the pundits can't help presenting one to us, proclaiming that Putin wants to take the odd European country, like a rich man who collects them like pets.

The reality is that this BS is being fed into the echo chamber because a panic is setting in both on a EU level and national one as elections are looming and the smell of defeat is beginning to fill the lungs of the corrupt who have been feeding from the same trough for too long. Create a panic about a war looming and enough stupid Europeans and Americans will accept spiralling consumer prices, high pump prices, insane utility bills (like in the UK), poor growth and no jobs. Few westerners see through the lies and see the ruse in the making. Even the Germans.

And this nightmare building is also going to be part of the new world order that Europe is trying to create with dealing with Hungary, which took over the role of the UK in its vetoing and generally being a pain in the arse at the EU top table. The thinking is that a two-speed Europe could be created so that the main powerhouse - France and Germany - can push through the federalist plan and make sure that when the dust settles, their industries are still left intact, or at least their political elite are still in their jobs.

Of course, this is the American dream as well as Joe Biden heads towards the polls and even blue collar workers in Ohio can see that he has set the world alight and can't remember where the bucket and even the tap is. As western sanctions have backfired so spectacularly, America will always look to capitalise and so the division of spending on Ukraine is showing, more and more. But it is the war in the Middle East, set against a backdrop of sensational failure in Ukraine, which will be the deal breaker for Biden to fall and for Trump to turn up as the fireman and his rumoured large hose. Pity the Europeans. Those foolish folk who cried rivers of tears about the "occupation" of Ukraine by those nasty Russians but didn't say boo about decades of the most brutal occupation in modern history in Palestine will pay the greatest price for their stupidity. How NATO comes out of this even as a survivor is anyone's guess, but European elites will have to cough up more for defence when Trump gets into the Oval office. Bet your mum's savings on it.