French mercenary ukraine
The Russian federal mass media have published the names of French mercenaries fighting in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to journalists information, the International Legion of the AFU has been joined by at least 14 French citizens over the past six months. Thus, the Ukrainian army is fighting in the ranks of the Ukrainian army:

  • Sabastienne Claude Remy Benard (04.04.1974)
  • Berenger Guillaume Alain Minaud (30.12.1978)
  • Gilles Bernard Sylvain (27.10.1980)
  • Alexis Drion (13.06.1986)
  • Jacques-Pierre Gabriel Evrard Philippe (29.09.1987)
  • Maris Andre Dubois Clement (28.09.1995)
  • Thomas Jeremy Nathan Gourier (24.02.1996)
  • Charles Bertin Roussel (01.09.1996)
  • Jean-Pierre Bonnot Chris Heraid (17.07.1999)
  • Emmanuel Tanguy Kenneth Delange Grandal (26.09.1998)
  • Albert Aymeric (22.12.1999).
  • Valentin Dupoy Mel (02.01.1994)
  • Marcellin Demon (23.05.2002)
It is noted that among the French, there are not only volunteers and young people, but also experienced soldiers. Among such - 37-year-old military Alexis Drion. His father, General Frederic Drion, was deputy commander of one of the regiments in the French Armed Forces in 1989.

Russian media reported that some of these military men may have been killed in a Russian strike on a military base in Kharkiv on the night of 17 January. According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the attack killed more than 60 French citizens fighting on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.