tucker carlson tim burchett
© Screenshot/Twitter/TuckerCarlson
Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson released an episode Tuesday focused on the government's investigations into unidentified flying objects ... and it was one for the history books.

This was Carlson's 42nd episode since launching his own show, and he held nothing back. Aliens are real, we know their tech is not of human origin, so why is the government hiding the truth from us? Especially when we already know and have accepted that we're not alone in the universe?

To answer these questions, Carlson turned to Tennessee Republican Rep. Tim Burchett, who confirmed the "coordinated effort" to hide UFO information from the public for at least the last 80 years, possibly more. But what else did we learn from this highly insightful conversation on one of the weirdest aspects of our current reality?

Burchett seemed to confirm that most defense contractors don't want the public knowing about UFO tech or aliens because it'll make most wars redundant and they'll probably lose money. If defense contractors loses money then politicians lose money, and so goes the rabbit hole of financial and political corruption in America.

Or, perhaps their tech is currently being reverse engineered to make all future wars just that more deadly, and defense contractors need more time to get their heads around it (in my opinion). No matter why the truth is being hidden from us by the Pentagon and other agencies, it's "intentional," Burchett stated. And probably because those controlling the narrative are covering up their crimes.

But what crimes? Right now, we don't know. But that could easily change. All it takes is for you, dear reader, to do something about it.

The big thing Burchett is pushing for within his disclosure campaign is transparency from the federal government over their spending on UFOs. Yes, the topic is a matter of national security, but the incessant lying and misdirection concerning UFOs has also helped the rapid collapse of trust in our government and it's unelected agency leaders.

So, if President Joe Biden were to stand up on a stage today and say "yes, we have been visited by life forms from other planets," and present us with evidence of this claim, it would fundamentally change the world forever. And it would almost guarantee him a second term in office, let's be honest.

Biden is not going to admit the existence of alien life unless he's pushed to. And although many people in the UFO community are experts at harassing their local, state, and federal lawmakers to disclose the truth, we all need to join the rally cry.

So, are we drawing ever closer to disclosure of the truth? In my opinion ... no, never. But at least it was a fun episode!