Maidan independence square Ukraine government coup overthrow riot destruction
© Andrey Stenin/SputnikPolice officers and opposition supporters are seen on Maidan Nezalezhnosti square in Kiev, where clashes began between protesters and the police February 19, 2014.
The Western-backed coup unleashed Nazism, war and destruction that ultimately exposes Western fascism

Ten years on from the Maidan uprising in Kiev, the country of the Ukraine has descended into utter chaos, corruption, fascism, destruction and suffering. And yet the Kiev regime and its Western state supporters have the audacity to call the tragic, bloody morass "a decade of dignity".

European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen declared this week: "Ten years of dignity. Ten years of pride. Ten years of striving for freedom. The cold November nights of Euromaidan changed Europe forever. The whole country took to the streets and spoke with one voice... The future for which Maidan fought has finally begun. Glory to Ukraine! Long live Europe!"

It is nauseating to hear such bare-faced lies and distortions. "The whole country took the streets"? It was a minority of Nazi ideologues bankrolled by Western powers. "Speaking with one voice"? The Maidan coup leaders murdered and burned opponents to death as in the Odessa pogrom on May 2, 2014, or in the deadly air strike on unsuspecting Lugansk civilians on June 2, 2014.

odessa fire
© Reuters/StringerFire in the Trade Unions House in Odessa
Bitterly amusing, though, Von Der Leyen inadvertently speaks the truth when she said the Maidan event "changed Europe forever". It certainly did that, but in an opposite and awful way to her ridiculous, rosy view.

As this excellent documentary film makes clear, when the Western transAtlantic powers couldn't get their way in dragooning Ukraine into joining the EU-NATO axis, the next step was to orchestrate a violent coup d'état in Kiev.

This week ten years ago, the elected president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych rejected a vigorously promoted "association agreement" with the EU, preferring instead to orient the country towards closer economic integration with Russia and the Eurasian markets. That decision by the president triggered relatively minor protests in Kiev dubbed the EuroMaidan which began on November 21, 2013.

The rapid escalation of violent protests was obviously fomented and mobilized by external forces: the United States, European Union, the CIA and NATO. It was a repeat of the U.S.-sponsored Orange Revolution in Kiev in 2004 which had failed back then to fully decouple Ukraine from historically close relations with Russia.

A second time around, however, the color revolution process would be more deadly and determined. Three months after the initial street demonstrations and amid mounting organized deadly subversion, the coup was executed on February 20, 2014. President Yanukovych fled the country. A NeoNazi regime seized power and immediately transformed Ukraine into a bastion of anti-Russia hate. World War Two Nazi collaborators were venerated and made public heroes. Russian-speaking people were attacked and lynched. This is all documented, albeit censored out of history by the Western media.
stephan bandera march
© Stringer / SputnikParticipants of the torchlight procession dedicated to the 113th birthday of nationalist and Nazi accomplice Stepan Bandera, Kiev, January 1, 2022.
American and European politicians midwifed the birth of a monster. The objective was always to create a fascist Frankenstein terrorist state that would do the Western imperialists' dirty work of destabilizing Russia. American imperialist ideologues like Zbigniew Brzezinski had touted and written books about Ukraine as the bridgehead for destabilizing Russia. The roots of such intrigue can be traced back to the early CIA recruitment of Ukrainian Nazis in the aftermath of World War Two to harass the Soviet Union.

Joe Biden, who was then the vice president in the Obama administration (2008-16), was intimately responsible for the transmogrification of Ukraine. Along the way, Biden even got his drug-addict playboy son Hunter a lucrative job as an executive in the country's largest gas company.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen
© EPA-EFE/LUDOVIC MARINEuropean Commission President Ursula von der Leyen
Von Der Leyen, who now so absurdly eulogizes Ukraine, was the German Minister of Defense during the Maidan coup. Her family's Nazi past was quite fitting for the role she played in pumping NATO weapons and training to build up Ukrainian paramilitaries for launching terror attacks on the Russian-speaking regions in the weeks, months and years after 2014.

CIA Director John Brennan was also fully involved in orchestrating what would become a civil war in Ukraine between the far-right Kiev regime forces and the ethnic Russian population of Donbass. Fortunately for the people of Crimea, they seceded in March 2014 and joined the Russian Federation. The Peninsula was spared the genocidal violence that the NATO-backed regime launched against the Donbass. It was that systematic aggression (largely ignored by the Western media) that finally propelled the Russian military intervention in February 2022.
Former CIA Director John Brennan
© Carolyn Kaster/Associated PressFormer CIA Director John Brennan
The Maidan events 10 years ago are a case study of how the U.S. and its Western allies infiltrated and destroyed a country with their geopolitical objectives.

The culmination of the machinations resulted in a full-blown proxy war against Russia. NATO has failed in its criminally reckless plan to defeat nuclear power Russia. A sizable portion of formerly Ukrainian territory is now part of the Russian Federation. Some would argue it has rightfully reunited with Mother Russia owing to deep historical and cultural ties that preceded Ukrainian independence in 1991.

Meanwhile, up to 400,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in nearly two years of conflict against superior Russian forces. The Kiev regime is floundering from corruption and internecine disputes as its Western patrons run out of taxpayer money to keep propping it up. Puppet president Vladimir Zelensky is despised by many Ukrainian citizens for his betrayal of peace promises and for selling off the country's natural resources to Western corporations. The country is a vastly indebted shambles.

In reality, the Kiev regime is a NeoNazi rump reich that somehow manages to persist (so far anyway) through draconian repression against popular dissent or criticism. It has shut down opposition political parties and media, as well as persecuting the Orthodox Church as "agents of the Kremlin". You could hardly make up an instance of a more vile regime.

And yet Western autocrats like Frau Von Der Leyen override any democratic principle to insist on lauding Ukraine as an exemplar of Western democracy which is entitled to EU and NATO membership.

Elsewhere, U.S. President Joe Biden and America's European allies (elitist regimes one and all) have been exposed as morally bankrupt over their complicit support for Israel's genocide in Gaza. It is a stunning exposure in a sudden compressed episode of horrific violence over the past six weeks.

Nonetheless, it is perfectly consistent with the West's complicity in the genocidal conflict that it unleashed in Ukraine over a longer timeframe. Ultimately, the Western imperialist states are the evil root of both.

When Von Der Leyen proclaims that Ukraine's decade of "dignity", that is disaster, represents the "future of Europe", it is something to behold with contempt. It is also deeply chilling. Her statement shows the despicable malevolence and fascism of such Western so-called leaders.

Ukraine and Gaza are testaments to the criminality of Western regimes masquerading as democracies.