In the face of torrential rains, the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina grapples with severe flooding, leading to the declaration of a state of emergency across 23 municipalities. As the residents reel under the disaster's impact, two casualties and significant disruptions have surfaced, with the city of Rio do Sul bearing the brunt of the catastrophe.

Unprecedented Flooding

Experiencing its fifth flood this year, Rio do Sul is submerged by the overflowing river Itajaí-açu. The rising waters have swallowed almost all neighborhoods, compelling the city's residents to seek refuge on rooftops and in 21 makeshift shelters. These sanctuaries currently house over a thousand displaced individuals, emblematic of the scale of the crisis.

Tragic Losses

Further amplifying the tragedy, TaiÃ3 recorded two fatalities when a car carrying two women submerged in a flooded area. The water's relentless surge continues to wreak havoc, claiming lives and causing extensive damage.

Infrastructure Damage

The floods have also left an indelible mark on the region's infrastructure. Landslides in ConcÃ3rdia have hit businesses hard, and water damage has led to the destruction of 20 roads, including three federal highways. The state government, grappling with the aftermath, estimates the financial impact of the October and November rains at a staggering R$ 5 billion.