Saddam's WMD
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A DAY AFTER occupying the Al-Shifa hospital, the IDF have finally gotten around to producing video evidence of the vast and extensive network of Hamas tunnels beneath the hospital which formed the basis of their justification for besieging Gaza's largest hospital.

IDF footage shows what appears to be a small crater in the ground to the untrained eye but is in fact far more sinister, as explained to WWN by an IDF spokesperson:

"As luck would have it we found Saddam Hussein's WMDs and they've been verified by Colin Powell's ghost, such a discovery would obviously strengthen the US administration's support for our actions in Gaza, not that we needed it," confirmed one spokesperson, who thinks Joe Biden deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his continuous refusal to support calls for a ceasefire.

"I know we promised a network of sophisticated tunnels over several floors, capable of supporting hundreds of fighters in a luxury Airbnb for terrorists but this little hole in the ground should be proof enough," added the spokesperson, who confirmed Hamas had conveniently written 'Saddam Hussein's missing WMDs' on the side of the missiles.

The IDF also rejected claims they were 'heroes' for giving medical staff at Al-Shifa incubators, equipment they already had in abundance but couldn't operate because they have run out of fuel, something the Israeli government refuses to allow into Gaza.

Upon learning from a UN report that one in every 57 people living in the Gaza strip has been killed or wounded in the past five weeks, PM Benjamin Netanyahu apologised to his backers in the international community for the slow rate of progress.

Meanwhile, after spending weeks warning people in Gaza to move south, resulting in the displacement of 1.5mn people, the IDF is now dropping leaflets in the south of Gaza imploring people to now leave there.

"You can never accuse the IDF of not having a sense of humour," confirmed a spokesperson.