In Angarsk , Irkutsk region, an intercom camera captured video footage of a meteorite flying over the region. They are published by IrkutskMedia on its page on VKontakte .

The footage shows a celestial body that flies over a house in the Russian region and disappears behind it. This is accompanied by a light flash.

Director of the ISU Astronomical Laboratory Sergey Yazev , whose words are reported by RIA Novosti , considered that the celestial body was unlikely to have reached the earth - it most likely burned up in the atmosphere.

Prior to this, on April 7, an unknown object flew in the sky over the Ust-Kutsky district of the Irkutsk region and got on the video of outdoor surveillance cameras. City authorities suggested that it was a meteorite or a fragment from it. The fall of the meteorite was accompanied by a bright flash, some residents confused it with a rocket, which caused a little panic.

(Translated by Google)