RFK tucker carlson kennedy
In the latest episode of his show on X, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson sat down with Democratic presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr. During that conversation, Kennedy stated emphatically that there are "biolabs in Ukraine," and it is because the US is "developing bioweapons."

"Victoria Nuland kind of blindly announced during Congressional testimony last year that 'oh by the way, we have these biolabs in Ukraine,'" Carlson began, before asking, "Why would we have biolabs in Ukraine?"

"We have biolabs in Ukraine because we're developing bioweapons," answered Kennedy. "And those bioweapons are using all kinds of new synthetic biology, and CRISPR technology, and genetic engineering techniques that were not available to the previous generation and they can make frightening, frightening stuff."

He then explained the Pentagon began pouring cash into bioweapons shortly after the passing of the Patriot Act. Kennedy says the agency later passed on the responsibility for bioweapons to Anthony Fauci, who he claims received a 6 percent raise directly from the Pentagon as a result of his newly assigned task.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was notably the highest-paid federal employee in all of the United States.

"Now when you do bioweapons, every bioweapon needs a vaccine ... because in 100% of the cases, when you deploy a bioweapon, there's blowback, your side also gets sick," explained Kennedy.

In another part of the conversation, Kennedy detailed why he believed the Biden administration had denied his request for Secret Service protection.

"You've been on the road for weeks and you had no Secret Service with you," Carlson began, pointing out that his relatives had been assassinated while running for office. "Why wouldn't you have Secret Service protection?"

Kennedy said that while the Biden administration was not wrong in denying him protection in May on the grounds that it was more than 100 days out from the election and that he hadn't reached the specific polling requirements, he pointed out that under the law, the president has the authority to overrule everyone and provide the resource.

He cited numerous examples of candidates in the same position as him receiving protection at the behest of the president at the time, including Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy.

"I get a lot of death threats," Kennedy continued, revealing that a "mentally ill person" had recently made it all the way to the second story of his house before the police were called.

The pair discussed numerous other topics as well, including the assassination of both his father and uncle.