The spectacular video has amazed the internet.
The spectacular video has amazed the internet.
A spectacular video showing huge bolts of lightning shooting out of a volcano in a Guatemalan city has gone viral on the internet.

The footage was captured on July 10 by Sergio Garcia in Antigua.

The lightning on top of the Agua volcano looks like the volcano is erupting from its summit.

The breathtaking footage has been viewed more than 3.23 lakh times and amassed close to 4,000 likes.

It is a strattovolcano (also known as composite volcano) as it is formed by many layers of hardened lava and tephra. Due to the height of the volcano - 12,340 feet - the lightning strikes appears to light up the sky above it.

According to global volcanism programme of the Smithsonian Institution, the symmetrical and forested volcano forms an impressive backdrop to the city of Antigua, opposite from the Fuego and Acatenango volcanoes.

The isolated basaltic-andesite edifice makes it a prominent landmark visible from all directions. Its name (the water volcano) originates from a devastating mudflow on September 11, 1541, the outlet further said.

The mudflow destroyed Ciudad Vieja, the first Guatemalan capital city established by the Spanish Conquistadors, prompting the establishment of a new capital at nearby Antigua.