the sound of freedom indiana jones
The Sound of Freedom, which was released nationally on July 4th, launched to the number-one movie in America thanks to its pay-it-forward technology.

Angel Studios distributed Sound of Freedom in the US on July 4th this week. On its first day, the movie grossed over $14 million with runner-up Indiana Jones, which opened on June 30, reportedly bringing in $11.5 million, according to Deadline.

With Sound of Freedom direct sales bringing in $11.5 million, the pay it forward model, a patent-pending technology from Angel Studios, the movie brought in an additional $2.6 million in ticket sales topping Disney's Indiana Jones.

According to Deadline, some pre-release projections for Sound of Freedom had the movie bringing in between $11 and $15 million over a six day span. The movie cracked it in one.

Sound of Freedom is based on the true story of former government agent, Tim Ballard, who quit his job in order to avoid the bureaucracy associated with going overseas to rescue children from human traffickers and pedophiles.

The movie tells the story of him rescuing two children and a group of over 50 others. In the real mission, Ballard and his team saved 123 people, 55 of them were children.

At the end of the movie while credits are playing, a message appears with the actor in the movie who plays Ballard, Jim Caviezel.

Caviezel starts out by saying that the film was made several years ago, but had many roadblocks put in its way by others. He addresses the crimes and horrors of the sex trafficking industry.

At the end, he urges the audience to scan a QR code which will help pay for others, who otherwise would not be able to see it, to get tickets.

Neal Harmon, the CEO of Angel Studios, said, "This movie has now taken on a life of its own to become something more than that, a grassroots movement."

"[W]e're the top-rated movie in America, and we're going to see word-of-mouth spread even further going into the weekend. The world needs to see SOUND OF FREEDOM, and we know that our biggest competitive advantage โ€” our incredible fans and investors โ€” are going to make sure that happens," he continued.

Tim Ballard is the CEO and founder of Operation Underground Railroad, which fights against human trafficking at home and abroad. The movie is based on the beginnings of the organization.