Snow falls in Barkly East, Eastern Cape on 29 June, 2023.
© Brenda MollentzeSnow falls in Barkly East, Eastern Cape on 29 June, 2023.
There are no road closures currently but roads in the north-eastern Cape are slippery because of snowfalls, includinig the Barkly Pass.

Some road network and mountain passes connecting communities on the southern Drakensberg in the Eastern Cape could be closed on Thursday, following the potential disruptive snow on the roads and railways, especially during the morning hours.

Areas of potential impacts include Molteno, Barkley East, Lady Grey and Matatitele and there could be isolated loss of livestock in this northern region. Counterparts of the South African Weather Service in Lesotho have issued a forecast for bitterly cold temperatures with heavy snowfall over Lesotho and these conditions may spill over to QwaQwa in the north-eastern Free State.

These conditions are expected to result from the passage of a cut-off low (COL) which is currently situated along the west coast of the country. Very cold temperatures have already set in on the western regions of the Free State and North West provinces. Very cold conditions could claim livestock in places over the western region of the Northern and Western Cape provinces. Moreover, bursts of showers and excessive lightning may result in localised damage of infrastructure and settlements but some isolated thunderstorms could produce strong, damaging winds over the stated regions. Swells may reach 6.5 meters offshore of the south coast of the Eastern Cape and those entering the harbour may cause a lot of boat movements, which can damage some vessels and break mooring lines.

Disruptive rain in places has already impacted some communities along the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal and the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape on Tuesday and these rainy conditions are likely to continue on and off into Wednesday, 28 June 2023. Moreover, wet, cold to very cold conditions are expected to spread to the central provinces of the country, with a risk of storms which may produce heavy downpours, excessive lighting and large amounts of small hail. These weather events may result in localised damage to infrastructure and settlements over the western parts of the Northern Cape.