Planes on Finals
It is in effect: If there is a train and it's less than a 2.5 hour trip, in France you can't fly — unless of course, you own your own private jet, the most "polluting" kind of plane (according to the EcoWorriers). How does that make "carbon sense"? Are we saving the planet, or just stopping the riff-raff from traveling?

It's one rule for you, another for the Feudal overlords.

Private planes make 5 to 14 times as much CO2, but they are "good to go"?
by Valentina Morando, Impakter

... numerous studies demonstrate that private jets are much more impactful to the environment than other modes of transportations.

They are about "5 to 14 times more polluting than commercial planes (per passenger)," a report published by the Transport and Environment group in 2021 states.

According to a recent study, "only 1% of the population causes 50% of global aviation emissions."
Right now there are only three routes in France that will be banned, Paris-Orly to Bordeaux, Nantes and Lyon affecting only 2.5% of all domestic flights. The original plan was to ban five more routes, but the timetables weren't so friendly for early morning or late in the day flights.

No one says this better than Marc Morano:
Climate Lockdowns Begin: France bans short-haul flights 'to cut carbon emissions'

Marc Morano -- Climate Depot:

"You were warned! This is what a climate lockdown looks like. This is what the Great Reset looks like. The climate agenda demands you give up airline travel, car travel, cheap reliable energy, and plentiful food. Net Zero goals are now dictating vehicle shortages to force more people into mass transit.

They're going after your freedom of movement; they're going after private car ownership, they're going after everything it means to be a free person and turning it over to the administrative state."
The Citizens illusion of Debate and Democracy

The BBC and others are mentioning that banning flights was first suggested at France's Citizens Convention on Climate, as if Macron is just doing what the people wanted — but never forget that the people have been free all along to not-fly and take the train but they didn't want to. The people of France were voting with their money and time, but now they can't.

To create the illusion, Macron tasked a group of people to assume the world was going to end because of CO2 and come up with ideas. With enough monkeys on typewriters, how could they miss? Afterwards Macron can just pluck out the suggestions he was going to do anyway, and say "Voila — this is what the citizens suggested".
France's Citizens' Convention on Climate, which was created by President Emmanuel Macron in 2019 and included 150 members of the public, had proposed scrapping plane journeys where train journeys of under four hours existed.

But this was reduced to two-and-a-half hours after objections from some regions, as well as the airline Air France-KLM.
There was no Citizens Convention on whether we can stop the storms with solar panels. No Convention on Holding Back the Sea. No one asks the citizens if it's worth spending a trillion Euro to cool the world by one hundredth of a degree. It's not democracy, and it's not debate. The Bureaucrats only ask the citizens questions that make Big Government bigger.

As I said It's the Reality TV version of "Democracy" where 150 people pretend they speak for a nation while 65 million people get sidelined. Expect to see them take off everywhere. They are the perfect tool for Big-Government.

Won't change the weather, will kill people

Now that short flights are banned, how many people won't take the train and will get in their cars instead?
France's Ban on Short-Haul Flights Will Kill People

You're 2,200 times more likely to die when traveling by car as opposed to by airplane.


A recent study out of Harvard University found that, for people traveling within the United States, Europe, and Australia, the chances of being killed while flying are 1 in 11 million, while the chances of being killed while driving are 1 in 5,000. Put differently, you're 2,200 times more likely to be killed when traveling by car as opposed to by airplane. By diverting some travelers from the air to the roadways, the French government will almost certainly cause more travelers to die.

Political theater, it turns out, can be deadly.
Don't mention the private jets

The BBC doesn't want anyone to notice that the Billionaires and corporate heads can keep churning out the CO2 of ten men...
Emissions BS Chart
Putting private jets on the graph would blow the scale and shrink the rest to tiny lines.

Worse, it would expose that this law is not about reducing CO2 at all.