James O'Keefe Project Veritas
James O'Keefe has launched a new citizen journalism organization
Ousted Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe launched a new venture on Wednesday vowing to bring ethics back to journalism.

O'Keefe made the announcement while speaking with TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk on his radio/podcast, The Charlie Kirk Show.

O'Keefe Media Group, OMG for short, is comprised of "some of the top journalists in the world," he claims, with a mission to create a "citizen army of journalists" by sending people tools to create the "hidden camera" content he is known for.

Subscribers to the media company will help sponsor independent journalists across the country to get access to the equipment needed to record and report their own operations.

O'Keefe described the business plan as "Uber for journalism," with the intent to have reporters inside "every school board, in every city council office."

The announcement of the OMG venture was accompanied by an odd video of O'Keefe dancing and chowing down on a Subway footlong, warning that a "sleeping giant," has been awoken.

"We are going to build an army," O'Keefe said, defiantly into the camera.

This comes after O'Keefe was kicked out of Project Veritas which he founded in 2011. The group was known for releasing edited undercover videos, exposing various groups and media organizations.

O'Keefe was ousted after accusations of financial mismanagement and "outright cruel" behavior with staff came to light.

Many of Project Veritas supporters vowed to abandon the company as a result of O'Keefe being removed.

In the days after O'Keefe left, the Project Veritas Twitter account lost over 200,000 followers.