Flood damage in Curumaní, Cesar, Colombia, March 2023.
Flood damage in Curumaní, Cesar, Colombia, March 2023.
Days of heavy rain triggered severe flooding in parts of the Cesar Department in Colombia where hundreds of homes have been damaged.

Colombia's National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD) reported heavy rainfall from 08 March caused flooding in the municipality of Curumaní on 11 March. The Animito, San Pedro, and Palmar rivers and the San Ignacio and the La Cubana streams all broke their banks, UNGRD said.

More than 600 homes have been severely damaged in affected areas. Many residents have lost material possessions.

Wide areas of crops have also been damaged.

Heavy rainfall has caused flooding and landslides in other parts of Colombia in recent days.

On 11 March around 700 hectares of crops and two bridges were damaged in El Castillo in Meta Department, situated near the Ariari River. Around 300 homes were also damaged affecting 1,200 residents.

The following day flooding affected parts of El Santuario in the Antioquia Department, damaging 2 homes and affecting 15 people.

UNGRD also reported several landslides in Huila Department from 11 to 12 March.