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I have probably used the word 'evil' more, in these last three years of Corona Fascism, than I had hitherto ever employed the term. It has been my way of attempting - not so successfully, as I will show - to explain how so many people can have been so blithely subjected to the genocide we are experiencing now, with its attendant consequences - consequences that include the subversion of long-standing ethical and medical principles, the inversion of the meaning of formerly well-understood concepts such as vaccination, and the facile depredation of human rights by State powers.

The perpetrators of the universal lockdowns, the imposition of useless masks, the destruction of businesses and livelihoods by these measures and then by the mandates to be inoculated with an unnecessary and dangerous medical intervention - these perpetrators are the people I call evil; and I call evil also those who, knowing better - doctors, for example - went and continue to go along with the horrific charade.

In a recent essay, Naomi Wolf writes that 'the madness we saw unveiled since 2020 could not have been brought about by normal history, or by ill-intentioned individuals, using human agency'. And in a recent book Matthias Desmet declares that this madness and the totalitarian measures that shut down the entire globe in short order were not the result of a conspiracy of power-mongers but rather of an organically developing process.

I disagree wholeheartedly.

There is no need to invoke the powers and principalities of another world to explain what occurred, nor is there any reason to dismiss the overwhelming evidence that the globe followed a narrow and consistent set of harmful and demonstrably unscientific policies precisely because it was highly organized and coordinated by a relatively small group of overlords.

With every day more and more data confirm that the covid inoculations are ineffective and highly dangerous and should never have passed muster during clinical trials. This did not happen by accident, fate, chance, organic development or supernatural visitation: it happened because people in power made the call to kill.

Unless and until we accept the fact that the institutions that have purported to have our well-being at heart have betrayed us, and that political leaders and national governments - like that in New Zealand - have actively colluded to harm their citizenry, we will be all the more subject to enslavement, control and, stripped of autonomy, consigned to a living if not actual death.

A particularly apposite example of evil comes to mind, one that I have cited before, which involves a local healthcare practitioner who, after having received his first covid inoculation, developed severe cardiac symptoms. Unable to traverse his living room without extreme discomfort and shortness of breath, he consulted a cardiologist who supported his application for an exemption from further jabs. The then-Director General of Health, Ashley Bloomfield, ostensibly a physician, dismissed the cardiologist's recommendation and without ever examining the person in question refused to grant an exemption. Bloomfield, who has since been awarded with a knighthood, ironically enough, insisted that unless this person received further injections he would not be able to practice in his healthcare role.

What good doctor would have taken such a course? What doctor would have purposefully mandated a further dose of a substance that had already been shown to have caused significant harm? How else to explain this as anything but an act of evil? How else to explain a government's active suppression of any early and actual treatment of covid except as an act of evil? How to explain why the Medical Council of New Zealand continues to persecute doctors for having prescribed Ivermectin, for having expressed caution about the covid injections, for insisting on individualized treatment approaches to their patients, for warning about the potential hazards of an mRNA jab, for questioning lockdowns and masks and daring to extol natural immunity?

But there is something lacking when evil is invoked as an explanatory concept, because evil itself has as many guises as there are individuals: its manifestations are wildly and unpredictably accomplished, and its tools are seemingly limitless. G. K. Chesterton informs us that the very Devil himself can quote Scripture for his purpose, and, furthermore, Shakespeare writes, through his character Banquo:
'The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles, to betray's
In deepest consequence'
(Macbeth, Act 1, Scene 3)
Humankind is often celebrated for characteristics that distinguish it from the animal kingdom: language, art, and science. Its great accomplishments are held as shining exemplars of a special status. There is, however, another distinguishing feature, which is scarcely mentioned: the human capacity for gratuitous cruelty.

Animals murder when they are hungry and revert to peaceable ways when they are sated. We humans behave otherwise. For me, it is this capacity for - if not an outright addiction to - gratuitous destruction that constitutes the very kernel of evil.

We see it in small ways when out of the blue an acquaintance may hurl an unnecessary barb another's way, and in large ways when people in positions of great power have wielded that power to slaughter millions. The well-known genocides perpetrated by Hitler, Stalin and Mao, the wholly unnecessary use of nuclear weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki to incinerate hapless civilians and, now, the manipulation of the secrets of the human genome to unleash a murderous so-called vaccination that has resulted in phenomenal 'excess mortality' - these all spring from the same root.

Within the breasts and hearts and minds and souls of every human being resides the neverending struggle between the forces of good and the forces of gratuitous destruction. When the Power Elites conspire to manipulate, they depend upon recruiting our darker drives. Like many I was shocked by the vehemence of self-styled progressives and liberals - like Professor Noam Chomsky - who called for punishing the unjabbed - healthy people who posed no danger except to arbitrary State authority.

The impulse to do harm purely for the fun, the delight, the wonder of it ... this execrable inborn trait, seems rooted in the human need for action. Heavens, no matter how wonderfully described, are boring. Real nirvana is achieved only in those grandiose moments when sadistic and sexual pleasures are merged into one unending fantasy of omnipotently destructive bliss. It is this kind of infantile and quintessentially human condition to which the Technocratic Singularity, offered by those who have co-opted the ever more condensed and ever more potent tools of digital power, aspires.

As Shakespeare's Mark Antony declaims over the body of the assassinated Julius Caesar:
'The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones'
(Julius Caesar Act 3, Scene 2)
Perhaps here is revealed a significant truth that helps us to understand the apparently relentless and unquenchable thirst to kill: in the profoundest depths of the unconscious mind, only evil grants man immortality.

We humans nonetheless have the capacity to love, to show compassion, and to engage in cooperative enterprises of great beauty, every bit as exciting, to my mind, than the theatrical banality of murder, annihilation and control.

We ourselves have the choice to submit to the blandishments of gratuitous harm, as Cain did when he murdered his undeserving brother Abel, or to cultivate our better selves.

Over these past three excruciating years I have met many good people who have chosen wisely. We shall prevail.