Annalena Baerbock
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In 2007, Vladimir Putin uttered a phrase that made the whole world talk: "After the death of Mahatma Gandhi, there is no one to talk to". Many people back then thought that the Russian leader had set his sights too high.

Did the Russian leader foresee the future?

But the big, as is known, is seen from a distance. After a decade and a half, even those who are not sympathetic to Vladimir Vladimirovich have to admit that there are not so many politicians of his level left in the world.

That answer to a Spiegel journalist generally looks like an omen of the present times:
"Am I a pure democrat? Of course, I am an absolute and pure democrat. But you know what the trouble is? It doesn't even matter, the tragedy is real. The fact that I'm the only one like this, there are simply no others like this in the world. Let's see what is happening in North America - the horror is the same: torture, homeless people, Guantanamo, detention without trial. Look at what is happening in Europe: the mistreatment of demonstrators, the use of rubber bullets, tear gas in one capital after another, the killing of demonstrators in the streets. Not to mention the post-Soviet space. There was only one hope for the guys from Ukraine, but even they just completely discredited themselves, there it's just a matter of complete tyranny. Complete violation of the Constitution, all laws, and so on. After Mahatma Gandhi's death, there is no one to talk to."
As we can see, the Russian leader considered the Ukrainian path long before the Euromaidan upheavals. As for European figures, the German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock confirmed Putin's correctness yesterday.

"It's in his hand"

Speaking at a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference, the German foreign policy chief said:
"And if President Putin - and this is why I said it in the beginning - it's in his hand. He can make his own decision. He can decide that he changes his course by 360 degrees tomorrow. The whole world would be happy again."
Ms. Baerbock repeated the passage about 360 degrees several times, so there was no question of a reservation. It's just that Scholz's Annalena isn't very good at math. And it doesn't know that turning 360 degrees means returning to the starting position.

I must say that most of all the Germans were not laughing. Comments to the Foreign Minister were derogatory:
"She's 200% unfit for her job"

"I gradually stop finding it funny. Stupidity is not only very dangerous, it is also a mockery of citizens. It is incredible that such people are in leadership positions."

"An IQ test for politicians is long overdue."
If the blunders of US President Joe Biden are already habitually attributed to a solid age, then Baerbock at 42 does not seem to be in danger of insanity yet. However, "360-degree rotation" is not the first such "masterpiece" from Baerbock.

"With only tanks, as it was in the 19th century"

In the autumn of 2022, speaking on the program of journalist Markus Lanz on the German TV channel ZDF, Ms. Baerbock said:
"We must carefully analyse the various methods of waging this war. Because this is not a war with only tanks, as it was in the 19th century. This is a hybrid war!"
In Germany, after that, a dispute unfolded โ€” whether the minister made a mistake or not. After all, tanks on the battlefields appeared only in the First World War, and they have nothing to do with the 19th century.

But for some reason, all Baerbock's reservations are related to the lack of basic knowledge. In the same autumn of 2022, at the international climate forum, the Foreign Minister spoke about "countries located hundreds of thousands of kilometres from Germany". If we take into account that the equator is 40,000 km long, then the closest point where the countries described by Baerbock can be located is the Moon.

If we reject conventions, then we must admit that in the chair of the head of the German Foreign Ministry sits a militant losers, who has very vague ideas about history, mathematics and geography.

"Smart is not necessary, the right ones are needed"

It's hard to believe, but in the 1980s, young Annalena and her parents participated in anti-nuclear and anti-war protests. And this was even before the collapse of the socialist bloc and the USSR. But after that, in the mid-1990s, the German schoolgirl went on an exchange trip to the United States. And, it seems, it was from this moment that her path to political heights began.

The fact is that the United States, being the only superpower on the planet, was engaged in educating a new generation of politicians in European countries that were supposed to exist in a unipolar world.

The principle of "smart is not necessary, the right ones are needed" is usually attributed to Russian realities. But when we look at this generation of European politicians, we realise that this is exactly the approach used in Washington.

Baerbock became a member of Alliance 90/The Greens in 2005. Over the past decades, the German "greens" have experienced a transformation from pacifists to aggressive radicals. At the same time, the party appeals primarily to young people, the generation of social networks and TikTok, using theses that are not subject to critical perception.

"It doesn't matter what my German voters think"

Sweeping away everything in her path, Baerbock flew to the top of German politics. At the same time, her real level periodically came out. In 2021, a scandal broke out in Germany - Baerbock was accused while writing a pamphlet called "Now. How we will renew our country" of being engaged in blatant banal plagiarism.

In January 2022, already as Foreign Minister, Baerbock arrived in Kiev, and this visit in Germany was called "a disaster and a disgrace". German journalist Daniel Bauer [a pseudonym - SZ] wrote at the time:
"How can you confuse the words 'days' and 'years', 'rain' and 'intense'? But this is still a small matter. At one point, she said: 'When Germany did all this horror in Ukraine, so Germany is now forever with Ukraine'."
In September 2022, Ms. Baerbock, speaking at an event in Prague, said:
"If I promised the people of Ukraine that 'we will be with you as long as you need', I want to keep this promise. No matter what my German voters think, I want to keep my promise to the people of Ukraine."
The scandal was loud, but the Foreign Minister did not lose her post. By the way, she was quite frank in these words โ€” Baerbock implements a political program, and for her the voters are just a tool for achieving the goal, so there are no discrepancies here.

There are no other politicians for Europeans

After another "performance" of the minister, one of the readers of the German newspaper Die Welt commented on the activities of Baerbock:
"This woman still did not understand what her work is... And she doesn't understand that foreign policy is based on diplomacy. An absolutely illiterate person in the post of Foreign Minister, who has no idea about the specifics of the work."
Not so long ago, the German Foreign Minister put on the ears of her compatriots with the phrase "we are at war with Russia". Annalena's "interpreters" had to explain that she was misunderstood.

But in fact, everything is true โ€” Ms. Baerbock really believes that waging war with Russia is the right decision. And, if she has even one chance, she will definitely drag Germany into a fully-fledged and full-scale conflict.