A fireball was captured in the skies of Puerto Rico at 10:01 pm on Monday, said the Caribbean Astronomy Society (SAC).

According to the institution, the meteorite was a piece of the asteroid called "2001 YB5", belonging to the "Delta Cancrids" meteor shower.

The meteor disintegrated in the atmosphere at a speed of 62,000 miles per hour and it is possible that small fragments reached the surface over the sea.

In the images you can see an intense green rocky object fragmenting in the skies of the island.

The entity suggested to be attentive to the sky, since it is not ruled out that some other bright meteorite can be seen throughout the month of February, at the same time that it clarified there is nothing to fear, since these are normal events of nature and Fortunately, our atmosphere causes the disintegration of a large part of these objects.

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