Meter over Krasnoyarsk: Locals report their houses shaking

Meter over Krasnoyarsk: Locals report their houses shaking
A large meteor allegedly measuring from one to five meters was seen in the sky over Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk on Tuesday, Sergey Veselkov, chief of the Reshetnev University observatory, told TASS.

Videos of a fireball flying over the city were posted on the internet on Tuesday evening.

"Undoubtedly, it was a bolide. Judging by its brightness, and it was brighter than the moon, the bolide measured several meters, between one to five meters. Such rocks, while flying in the atmosphere, burn up practically completely. However, a certain amount of matter may reach the Earth's surface," Veselkov said.

According to Nikolay Palkin of the Siberian Federal University, the meteor most likely burned up in the dense atmosphere. He noted that such phenomena are rarely seen over densely populated areas. "But larger celestial bodies are spotted by satellites over the ocean quite often," he added.

Another expert, Sergey Karpov of the Kirensky Institute of Physics shared the opinion that it might have been a bolide. But, in his words, it was much smaller. "To my mind, its size was from several centimeters to one meter. Otherwise, it would have caused a shock wave with sound," he said.