Overflowing rivers in parts of Bosnia and Croatia have flooded dozens of houses and roads, prompting authorities to warn residents in affected areas to prepare to evacuate their homes if heavy rainfall does not subside.

Police in Bosnia confirmed workers found a body on Sunday while clearing a rain-fueled landslide that buried a section of a regional road in the northern part of the country, near the city of Prijedor.

Several other main and regional roads in north and northwestern Bosnia were blocked due to flooding or landslides and a number of local communities in the area introduced emergency measures overnight Sunday.

Local media reported the situation was especially dire in the villages around the northern city of Gradiska, where a bridge was swept away and several farms were cut off by the floodwater and debris.

The flooding also caused road closures in neighboring Croatia, where army was deployed to help shore up defences in the central part of the country around the town of Kostajnica.