dad nerf darts holiday ad satire
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With the holidays just around the corner, Nerf has introduced its new line of high-capacity, rapid-fire guns with a highly realistic ad that is just two hours of Dad picking up darts.

The ad begins with a dad waking up, donning his robe, then picking up darts while walking to the bathroom. It then follows him for hours through the yard as he picks up darts and grumbles under his breath.

"Our creative team dove into researching what the true Nerf experience really looks like," said VP of Product Marketing Franko Doofshmill while picking up darts carpeting his office. "I think we nailed it."

The ad purports to strike at the heart of what Nerf is all about by showing a dad fishing a nerf dart out of his coffee, finding handfuls of darts while looking for the remote, and secretly trashing enough darts to lighten the chore but not so many that the kids would notice.

At publishing time, Nerf had released another hyper-realistic ad showing a mom taking a Nerf gun away from her son for aiming at his sister's face again.