A US amphibious assault ship and helicopters in the Nord Stream
The USS Kearsarge of the US Navy was days ago in the Baltic Sea in the area of ​​the two gas pipelines.
The US Navy has been conducting multiple maneuvers in recent weeks in the area of ​​the suspected sabotage that led to three gas leaks from Nord Stream 1 and 2.

On September 2, a US helicopter with the call sign FFAB123 made multiple sorties in the area.

According to the site ads-b.nl, this call sign was used for 6 flights of a Sikorsky MH-60S helicopter that day.

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When the route of FFAB123 was superimposed on the map of the destruction of the two Nord Stream gas pipelines, a rather interesting result was obtained - the helicopter flew along the route of Nord Stream-2 and flew right over the places where the leaks of gas.

Meanwhile, screenshots of other US aviation flights made on September 13 appeared on social networks.

An expeditionary force of US Navy ships, led by the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge, was also in the Baltic Sea days ago and was seen withdrawing into the North Sea. According to data from maritime traffic monitoring sites, it was located 30 kilometers from the site of the alleged sabotage of the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline and 50 kilometers from the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

The Swedish Seismic Center reported that powerful underwater explosions were recorded on Monday in the area of ​​gas leaks from the two Nord Stream pipelines.

Measuring stations in both Sweden and Denmark recorded strong underwater explosions in the same area as the gas leak on Monday, local media reported .