A cougar
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A cougar
A 7-year-old California boy walking in a park Monday was attacked by a mountain lion, which bit him on the buttocks, officials said.

Capt. Patrick Foy of the California Fish and Wildlife Department told KABC the attack took place in Pico Canyon Park outside Santa Clarita.

"The young boy ... was walking up some stairs and was attacked from behind by a mountain lion and bitten in the buttocks," he said.

The boy's injuries were reported to be non-life-threatening and he is expected to make a full recovery.

His bite wounds were swabbed for DNA to hopefully match to a known mountain lion in the area, but thus far the animal has not been found.

The Department of Parks and Recreation confirmed that the park will remain closed pending an investigation.

Foy said officials are trying to lure the mountain lion using a tarp covered in deer meat. If the mountain lion is found, it will likely be put down by authorities.

"Everything we do and every part of our mission is to better help wildlife and people co-exist," Foy explained.

"Having a situation like this where wild animals start attacking — especially small children — that is a super-difficult part of our job."

While officials work to ensure the community's safety, local residents fear a repeat of the terrifying attack.

"It could happen to me," Francisco Salas of Santa Clarita told the outlet.

"It could happen to anybody out there."

Pico Canyon Park is not the only California locale struggling to keep wildlife at bay. Earlier this month, The Post reported on a cashier near Lake Tahoe struggling to keep a bear from invading his 7-Eleven.

In the now-viral footage, Christopher Kinson can be heard shooing "Winnie the Moocher" along. "All right, you had enough to eat. Let's go!" he says.