(Translated from Spanish): During the afternoon of this Thursday, the residents of Guamúchil in the state of Sinaloa, were under moments of terror after a tornado formed that hit the downtown area of ​​the city located in the municipality of Salvador Alvarado.

The first reports indicated that there was serious damage caused by the strong winds that took people who were walking in the street unawares.

Several managed to capture the moment with their cell phones while they sought protection in some open places and clinging as best they could to the trees .

This phenomenon occurred around 6:22 p.m. on Thursday when strong gusts of wind began to be felt, which intensified. When the formation of the tornado began to be seen in the sky, as shown in the video that circulated on social networks.

The inhabitants of the town were in the main square Pedro Infante , as the cultural event "Dances of Remembrance" organized by the Directorate of Tourism was being held.

The tornado caused damage such as fallen trees, wiring failures and roofs damaged by strong winds, according to the Salvador Alvarado Civil Protection coordinator, José Carlos Espinoza Espinoza .

He also reported that this was felt with greater intensity in the San Pedro, Centro and Magisterio neighborhoods. The meteorological phenomenon crossed the city in 20 minutes, leaving damage such as the fall of 12 trees, damage to four tin roofs and four fallen cables , in addition to demolishing a billboard and damaging five others. One of these billboards fell on top of a car.

The skirt of a canvas and a metal curtain were also damaged. In this event, a person was injured when she hit her face and she was reported with several minor injuries, for which she was transferred to an IMSS hospital.

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