The first snow of the season fell on the high parts of Erciyes Mountain in Kayseri.

With the cold weather in the city due to precipitation, the first snow of the season fell on the slopes of the summit of Erciyes Mountain. Snow fell up to 3 thousand meters on the mountain, which has a summit height of 3 thousand 917 meters.

While the peak of Erciyes is covered with snow; The Devil Creek, Shepherd's, Horgucu and Sutdonduran locations turned white. It was stated that the snow thickness in the higher parts reached 4 centimeters.

Air Temperature Dropped

According to the information received from Ercyes A.S. officials, snowfall was effective in Ercıyes yesterday evening. With the snowfall, parts of the mountain higher than 3 thousand meters were covered with a white blanket. Snow thickness reached 8 centimeters at some points. In the districts of Hacılar, Kıranardı and Hisarcik at the foot of the mountain, the temperature dropped to 7 degrees at night.