Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds caused by Typhoon Muifa lashed China's east coast on Friday. Around 1.6 million were forced to leave their homes and moved to safer locations, reported AFP. Most flights at Shanghai's main airports were also grounded.

Notably, Shanghai is home to more than 25 million people. Muifa is reportedly the strongest tropical cyclone to hit Shanghai since the beginning of record keeping in 1949. So far, there are no reports of any casualties due to Muifa.

According to CCTV, around 426,000 people were evacuated in Shanghai, while 1.2 million people were taken to temporary shelters in neighbouring Zhejiang province. Floods were reported in several areas of the Yangtze river delta region. Traffic jams were also reported in Shanghai due to intense rainfall.

A landslide occurred in Ninghai County in Zhejiang province. Giant waves were reportedly hit the coastline in Hangzhou bay. As per Chinese news agency Xinhua, the storm with winds of up to 82 kilometres per hour made landfall at around 12:00 am on Friday.

Notably, Typhoon Muifa struck Zhoushan city in Zhejiang on Wednesday and Fengxian district in Shanghai on Thursday. The storm led to the cancellation of flights at main airports in Shanghai. Air travel slowly resumed in Shanghai. However, most flights from the city's two main airports were cancelled on Thursday.

Shipping operations at ports in Shanghai and neighbouring Ningbo, which were stopped due to Muifa, reportedly resumed on Thursday. Notably, Muifa is the 12th typhoon that has hit China in 2022 so far. Last week, Typhoon Hinnamnoor also hit Shanghai and its neighbouring region.