workers clearing the media platforms of snow so that they work correctly.
© Carlos Marinao
Workers clearing snow at Cerro Catedral.
It's been storming here at Cerro Catedral for the past 3-days.

Fierce storming at times with 1-inch diameter snowflakes - or clumps of snowflakes - coming down hard.

The mountain has been more or less closed for 3-days due to fierce winds and avalanche danger.

Somewhere around 3-4 feet of snow had already fallen by the time we awoke today.

It's even been snowing in town to the tune of around 6″ the past 2-days which, in general, is a rarity here.

We got up on the hill early this morning with potentially misplaced hopes of something opening and us getting in some bouncy tree skiing on the lower mountain.

We got lucky...

The Sextuple opened right away.

We jumped on right at 9am and there was no line...

We squirreled our way out into some trees we know and love and had one glorious, long tree run in heavy but violently fun powder.

The tree skiing here is world-class.

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