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Chaos in the tweets, chaos in the East, chaos in the streets. Last week's July Fourth mass shooting, the THIRD 'mediatized' terror event in the US this year, is another milestone in the West's chaotic descent into collective madness. Each 'side' in the Culture Wars™ blames the other, seeing in the protagonist the Other's agent of destruction. But look closer and you see the hidden hand provoking both sides...

This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall analyze the Fourth July mass shooting from another angle - literally, from street-level - the shocking assassination of Japan's longest-serving Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and the diabolically cynical use of Putin's War™ for 'noble purposes', connecting the dots to reveal the single Overarching Agenda into which 'agents of chaos' are corralling humanity.

Running Time: 01:57:14

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