Flood damage in Baling, Kedah, Malaysia, July 2022
© NADMA MalaysiaFlood damage in Baling, Kedah, Malaysia, July 2022
At least 3 people have died after flash floods in Baling District in the state of Kedah, Malaysia.

Flooding struck after heavy rain from 04 July 2022. Levels of the Ketil River at Kuala Pegang jumped to 36.05 metres, which is 50 cm above the alert level.

Flooding swamped at least 9 villages in the district. Malaysia's disaster management agency reported 1,424 people evacuated their homes and moved to emergency accommodation as of 05 July.

Kedah Fire and Rescue Department said the bodies of 3 family members who were reported missing were found during the morning of 05 July 2022.

Flood water reached up to roof height. Over 70 houses were severely damaged and at least 6 completely destroyed by the force of the flooding. Local media reported some victims swept away by the floods managed to survive by holding on to trees and branches. Bridges and roads were also destroyed.