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US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
The Russian Federation just came out with a new strategy entitled 'Destroying America: A Moral Imperative'. Okay, not really. But the United States is intent on exactly this strategy for 'dealing with' Russia. However, the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) version is titled 'Decolonizing Russia.' Apparently, the plan is not to utterly destroy the world's biggest country, it's just a strategy to break it up into manageable pieces.

No, this is not a joke. The CSCE (or US Helsinki Commission) which was created by the US Congress back in 1975, held meetings on June 23rd to discuss the American-led imperative. The reader can glean the tone of these strategic conversations from the lead-in to the narrative, as follows:
"Russia's barbaric war on Ukraine — and before that on Syria, Libya, Georgia, and Chechnya — has exposed the Russian Federation's viciously imperial character to the entire world."
Barbarism? Isn't it strange how NATO or American wars are never classified as barbaric? Forget this, you know the reason. What's important for my report is the fact that we are literally at war, in thought and deed, with the Russians.

And for those who believe the CSCE is a toothless think tank, consider that the Commission is made up of nine members from the US House of Representatives, nine members from the United States Senate, and one member each from the Departments of State, Defense, and Commerce. So, in effect, my government has come out admitting we are all-in where knuckling the Russians under is concerned.

I know, even for you analysts out there, it's difficult to stomach how insane this is. But the "plan" is real, serious as a geostrategic heart attack.

When I came upon this decolonization summit the other day, I was interested (cracked up) to discover that Hanna Hopko, a former Ukraine parliamentarian on the discussion panel. Who can forget this courageous Euromaidan organizer's story of hiding outside Kyiv with her child's hamster, while the Russian barbarians battered at the gates of Ukraine's capital in February?

Well, the pro-democracy activist escaped Putin's hordes, apparently, and flew straight to Washington to lobby for more missiles and bandages. Now she's planning what to do with Russia once they kill Putin and anyone who sided with him. Sorry, it had to be pointed out. Activists these days are one hell of a lot more serious than the flower children of the 70s. And today's flaming hair do-gooders have managed to meld the terms "moral" and "strategic" into a singular ideological concept. If you do not agree, then you must be immoral, a traitor, or both.

Let me be crystal clear here. These people cannot simply be classified as nincompoops, or misguided zealots even. They are not even evil, by what you would consider a classic definition. If you watch the meetup via the commission's Youtube channel here, I know you'll shiver, as I did, at the otherworldly sincerity of their narratives. The moderator, so-called Senior Policy Advisor Bakhti Nishanov talks about "decolonizing Russia" as something that has been percolating for some time. No kidding?

As if the Great Game of the United Kingdom could ever be forgotten. But please, try and stare into the eyes of the participants, as you glean their vision of the liberal world order's final takeover. The panelists in this discussion are pseudo-intellectuals who have been given a tiny bit of power. And nothing could be more dangerous. Their role, however, is as intermediaries of a corrupted bureaucratic system that is tuned in by the elites. Even the politicians who gather and add their names to the rosters are pawns of the hierarchical system few have outlined.

Particularly chilling are the comments of the US Congressman Steve Cohen from Tennessee, whose depth of understanding of Russia seems to be Vladimir Putin and Russian blogger/criminal Alexei Navalny. Yes, that's it. The co-chair of this "crucial" strategy organization was on hand to sit and listen to these Romulans from another world discuss the future of Russia and Earth. These talking heads don't even really understand any of the issues, they are in place to act as actuators. Cohen, and his cohorts, just fund the agencies and people who carry out the wider strategy of the world order.

Cohen's job at this commission is to do whatever Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, who recommended him, tells him to do. And Pelosi's role as the top Democrat in Congress is to ensure, above all else, that the goals of the elite order are accomplished. While she is far too dim-witted to understand any of the horrific deals she makes, she is an effective talking head. Remember, she was with Zelenskyy in Ukraine only weeks ago. She is the head parrot of the move to include Russia on the US list of sponsors of terror. And in this recent transcript, you'll recognize familiar dogma like "brutality", and "barbarism," food as a Putin weapon, and so on.

Suffering through the previously mentioned discussion, anyone with a grain of objectivity can see through their subterfuge and creative license. Dig down one layer beneath any of them and you find the linchpins of Russophobia in our world. Botakoz Kassymbekova and the Oxus Society lead you to Michael McFaul. Erica Marat, of National Defense University, needs no introduction, and ties directly into the US Department of Defense. Fatima Tlis or Tlisova is a fellow of the National Endowment for Democracy, who is being canonized by Voice of America and other propaganda channels. And author Casey Michel is a devotee of the now-deceased Russia hater Zbigniew Brzezinski, from whom many of his ideas of Russian "decolonization" spewed.

In Michel's call to "Decolonize Russia" at The Atlantic, this chess piece of the elites talks about warmongers like Dick Cheney as if they are altruists, die-hard perpetrators of the American Dream, and not power-hungry maniacs in love with their own image. No, really. Ironically, even though Michel admits Cheney was a disaster, the ideas of his constituents seem to mirror the former Vice President's maniacal desire to destroy Russia for good. Although the CSCE assures us that a "better Russia" is the ultimate goal.

Finally, the announcement of "Decolonization Russia" did not refer to the meetup as a "discussion." Instead, it appears that Congressman Cohen was being "briefed" on the latest foreign policy strategies for Russia, and Ukraine. To this end, these genius idealists in the employ of America have come down to this plan of action:
"As much as decolonizing Russia is important for the territories it formerly occupied, reprocessing its history is also key for the survival of Russia within its current boundaries." - Botakoz Kassymbekova and Erica Marat
So, the US Government is so magnanimous and self-assured, that it allows Russia to continue to exist, rather than being totally dismembered as Dick Cheney wanted.

And there are those who fail to understand how the Russians could be so afraid of outside influences and NATO in Ukraine!
About the Author:
Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he's an author of the recent bestseller "Putin's Praetorians" and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook".