DoorDash, food delivery
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A man who applied for a job with the food delivery service DoorDash was asked about his sexual orientation.
DoorDash is attracting attention over a policy to ask prospective employees to state their sexual orientation on job applications to the food-delivery giant, according to social media posts.

A screenshot of one such job application was posted to the online site Reddit, where it went viral. As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 5,700 Reddit users commented on the post.

A Reddit user who goes by the handle u/TheMonsher authored a post titled "DoorDash is asking for my sexual orientation for a job application."

The attached screenshot shows a drop-down menu with options for pronouns and sexual orientation.

A DoorDash spokesperson told The Post that the company is seeking to "create a culture of belonging" by "working to ensure that diverse identities and perspectives are being valued and represented here."

DoorDash began asking applicants to state their sexual orientation and gender pronoun preference in 2020, the spokesperson said.

DoorDash application
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The job applicant posted a screenshot on Reddit, where it went viral over the weekend.
"These data are collected in aggregate and kept confidential," the spokesperson said.

"While we encourage applicants to share personal demographic data if they are comfortable, all applicants have the option to select 'I don't wish to answer' for all questions," the spokesperson said.

The applicant, u/TheMonsher, told Newsweek that he initially applied for the position on LinkedIn. When he saw the question about sexual orientation, he became uncomfortable.

"Everything I put on a job application should be information for the employer to determine if my background and accomplishments fit their company goals," he told Newsweek.

"I don't understand how sexual orientation could determine the quality of my work."

He said he answered the question and submitted his application, though he is concerned that his answer could adversely affect his chances of being hired.

"If they want to have the statistics of their employees' sexual orientation they should do it anonymously after being hired," he said.

"It should definitely not be in the first 10 questions of a job application."

The applicant said it was the first time he ever saw a question about his sexual preference on a job application.