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The arrival of a deadly tornado in the Dutch city of Zierikzee on June 27th, 2022.
A tornado left a trail of destruction in and around the Dutch city of Zierikzee this afternoon. According to the Zeeland Safety Region nine people were injured and one person died.

The tornado tore roof tiles from a church, damaged trampolines and uprooted trees. At least four homes had their roof blown off and a facade of at least one home collapsed. Ten to twenty houses became temporarily uninhabitable.

Zierikzee tornado
The tornado left a trail of destruction in the Dutch city of Zierikzee.
Weatherman Jules Geirnaard described the tornado as almost touching the ground to public broadcaster Omroep Zeeland. "Not so common for this time of year," he said. A strange thing to say, given that tornadoes are not common at any time of the year in the Netherlands.

Geirnaard may have vaguely been alluding to the increasing frequency with which tornadoes form in the Netherlands and northwestern Europe in general. From occasional tornadoes every few decades in the 20th century, tornadoes are now a 'normal' annual occurrence.

Footage and pictures of today's tornado taken by residents can be seen below:

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