trans indoctrination
It's not always the case, but there are times when social conflicts arise in which one side is fully correct and the other side is completely and utterly wrong. When it comes to the debate over "trans rights" and the exposure of children to trans ideology, the political left has no logical defense. They are wrong to the point of pure madness, and like most insane people they choose to double and triple down on their delusions anyway.

They do this because they must - Their entire identity is dependent on this new cult religion, a religion built around the worship of ambiguous personal perceptions, narcissistic self worship and an unhealthy obsession with sexual fetishes.

The goal of leftists is to normalize trans ideology within our culture; not only that, but to make the ideology sacrosanct and protected from all rational criticism. Conservatives have long fought against this for a number of reasons, but there are two that are most important:

1) The trans movement is built on a lie. Biological sex is the only scientifically proven identifier of men and women. Gender fluidity, as leftists present it, has NO scientific basis in reality. There is no proof of its existence let alone enough proof to warrant the notion that laws need to be introduced to defend it and censorship enforced to save it from "bigotry." It is a fantasy, fabricated by quack sexual scientists (like pedophile advocate John Money) with an agenda far beyond simple observation of behavior.

The only legitimate science surrounding gender identity involves the study of an exceedingly rare psychological condition called "gender dysphoria," also know as Gender Identity Disorder; a mental illness. The psychiatric world has tried to move away from the word "disorder" in recent years, not because the label is inaccurate, but because leftists have put pressure on scientists to abandon objectivity in the name of political propriety.

2) The perpetuation of this lie is ideologically motivated and is designed to upend our cultural foundations. The links between leftists today and the communist/Marxist tactics of the past are numerous, and the most important target of any communist or collectivist regime is the family and specifically the next generation (children).

Leftists sometimes refer to this as "decolonizing gender' with the extended purpose of dismantling western society and capitalism.

The Soviet Union and the East German Stasi were notorious for the extensive measures they would take to disrupt family cohesion, to make families distrust each other and to even kidnap children and babies. Under the leftist state, children are considered property of the government. The movements of today greatly resemble the movements in Russia, China and other communist nations in the early lead up to an authoritarian takeover. They utilize the similar methods of creating mass division and undermining traditional values and principles. Once the target society is in chaos, the leftists swoop in to take control and rebuild it in a way that benefits them the most.

Many analysts have already examined in great depth the issue of "gender identity" and debunked all of it's premises. I'm not here to argue about the lack of science behind the trans movement, there are bigger issues at stake. I will only say that it is bizarre how much money and effort is going into promoting the notion that transsexuals are far more common than they really are.

Statistical estimates for people diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder range from 0.005% to 0.014% of any given population. However, it's important to note that there are many people lately that identify as "trans" that have not been diagnosed with GID. Around 0.6% of the US population claims to be transsexual and this number is rising in the past few years. How is this possible?

It's important to realize that the trans movement is in fact a "movement." In other words, it is an ARTIFICIALLY engineered minority driven by political concerns and special treatment. This is why we often refer to these people as "trans trenders;" many of them join because they see an opportunity for personal gain and the chance to be a part of a club that will grant them a feeling of acceptance and success without any effort on their part.

There are certainly individual motives for becoming trans beyond the norm, but social conditions in the West in the past five years are the clear driver of the trans trend. In a world where critical race theory is actually taken seriously despite its numerous inaccuracies and LGBT concerns have been elevated to the top of the leftist oppression totem pole, it's important to realize that being a victim is big business these days.

Gaining such status allows you to be hired for many jobs despite a lack of talent, lack of merit or lack of previous success. There are endless non-profit organizations dedicated to ensuring "equal outcomes" for minorities rather than equal opportunity. And finally, as a minority it has become socially acceptable for you to blame all of your failings on "the system" or the "patriarchy" instead of being forced to take responsibility for yourself.

If you are not an easily identified minority then you are basically left out of the loop. You can always be a "good ally," but you will NEVER get the goodies and the applause that others will get within leftist groups. That said, there is one magical way to cash in on the pity party - Just say that you are trans.

The beauty of this scam is that anyone can do it and it is impossible to prove a negative. No one can prove conclusively that you are "not trans." The unprovable negative is one of the oldest propaganda tricks in the book. You can say that your gender identity is in your head and a product of your psychology, and since no one can get into your head to see if you are lying or are merely insane, society gives you a pass to participate in the Oppression Olympics.

What leftists and the trans movement demand, essentially, is that the whole of our society accept the idea that far more people have gender dysphoria than is statistically possible or proven. And, that we must all embrace this mental illness as if it is a legitimate minority that requires special protections and wider public conformity. We must change our behaviors and our culture to accommodate them.

Look at it this way - If a schizophrenic proclaims that he is Joe Biden, do we acknowledge and accept this as fact simply because he "feels" as though it is true and then give him a seat in the oval office?

Maybe that's not the best example...

If a schizophrenic claims to be a seahorse, or an alien, or Napoleon, do we accept his feelings as facts? No, obviously we don't. Why not? Because it is destructive for society to embrace madness and allow insane people into positions where they can dictate our cultural norms. Mankind has been shunning crazy people from greater society since the dawn of history. At the very least we tried to avoid giving crazy people access to influence over the tribe. We sometimes sent them off to huts in the woods and called them "medicine men," but we generally kept children away from them.

Western society has been manipulated into abandoning this vital principle of survival. Instead, we are giving mentally disturbed people immense power for fear of being called "bigots." We are giving them so much power in fact that they now feel perfectly safe in targeting our children.

Could you imagine even ten years ago hearing arguments in FAVOR of exposing kids to transgenderism to the point that they be manipulated into absorbing sexualized content and participating in drag shows where they hand dollars to dancing men in bikinis? The acceleration of this climate is unprecedented and the purpose behind it is villainous.

Leftists gaslight the public and argue that these events are not happening or are not sexual in nature, yet the evidence is endless. From deceptive school texts, to graphic and sexual brochures and books, to parents and schools inviting trans dancers and activists to directly influence their children. Keep in mind that this is often done not only with the intention of normalizing transgenderism, but to convince children that THEY are also transgendered and that they must participate.

The fury that erupts from leftists when this behavior is revealed to the public tells you all you need to know. If they truly believed there is nothing wrong with it, then they would not actively encourage teachers to hide it, they would not try to censor organizations that expose it, and they would not attack conservatives that film it as evidence.

For example, Twitter group Libs of TikTok has been blocked on multiple occasions for simply reposting leftists own videos and being critical of drag shows for kids. Numerous people have been kicked off of social media platforms for expressing their concerns. Anyone who argues that children should not be involved in sexualized activities is targeted for cancellation.

The real question is, what is it with leftists and their obsession with targeting children?

Everything about the trans movement and most elements of the LGBT movement are sex related. Their entire identities revolve around who they sleep with and turning those habits into activism. I don't think this is really debatable; all you have to do is watch any pride parade and the entire affair is centered on sexualization. So, why feel the need to bring children into that environment when they are nowhere near mature enough to comprehend it and can even be damaged by it.

Numerous studies have show that when children are inflicted with sexualized environments that this can lead to dangerous and destructive behaviors in early adolescents. It can also lead to depression and suicidal tendencies.

This is indeed about grooming and it is predatory, but it's not purely about pedophilia. In some cases it is, but the more prominent objective here is ideological grooming.

The goal is to disrupt the normal development of children and lure them into the leftist fold by showing that there are easy rewards and easy acceptance through conformity to a trend leftists approve of. It could be critical race theory, transexualism, transhumanism, or anything else for that matter; the point is to disconnect children from reality and make them believe that fantasy and perception are the same as objective facts.

Once a child has been indoctrinated to ignore logic and reason, there is no going back. They will now be a perpetual infant with perpetual dependencies and perpetual delusions. They will be broken and incapable of taking on adult responsibilities. In other words, the children are being groomed to act as political slaves for the rest of their lives

The root of leftist propaganda overall is this idea that "perception is reality." They claim that what you believe is more important than what actually is. Nothing embodies this nightmare more fully than gender ideology. This is why no compromise is possible and why no quarter can be given. People are welcome to believe whatever they want, but that does not mean they deserve respect or power or access to the next generation. That access needs to be snuffed out permanently.

This requires us to stop being concerned with empty accusations of "bigotry," because bigotry now encompasses almost everything including logic and truth. The word is meaningless. Action is required at the local and state level to remove trans ideology and gender fluidity from schools and any other places where kids are regularly involved. If this requires laws to be put in place as states like Texas and Florida have done, then so be it. It's sad that our society has reached a point where we need to explain why sexualizing children is wrong, but if we are ever to stop this freight train of cultural doom we can no longer pull our punches.