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Produced by Dinesh D'Souza, the documentary begins with an obvious gaff by Joe Biden and a quote from Ronald Reagan.

The most secure election in American history is what has been parroted constantly since the result was declared. It certainly was for the people who arranged it so. Some Republicans were taken in, including William Barr, at least he gives that impression.

There follows a long discussion. Sebastian Gorka makes an oft' mooted point, are we supposed to believe Biden received more votes than Barack Obama in his first term? He makes many other points too, but that one is sufficiently striking. Donald Trump and Barack Obama are chalk and cheese, but one thing they have in common is bundles of charisma. While Trump has the most, his bullishness tends to alienate some people, something that could never be said of Obama. On top of that, although not the first black Presidential candidate, Obama was the first to have a serious chance of winning, and people came out in droves for him. Biden on the other hand has even less charisma than Hillary Clinton; in the run up to the 2020 election, he literally hid in his basement, while on the few times he was out and about he made a fool of himself with gaffes or angry confrontations with blue collar workers. It seems inconceivable that even with the deluge of propaganda against him, Trump could lose, and he didn't.

Back to the film, geotracking is explained, something that is used by law enforcement and the military every day. One of D'Souza's interviewees said they bought geotracking data from brokers and matched it to voting drop boxes. There was a total of ten trillion packets of individual data. Their research revealed 242 people over a two week period in Atlanta alone acting as mules. They also picked up data on the rioters, and, surprise, surprise, there was substantial overlap.

Then we see actual film, from CCTV obtained through open records requests. There were a shade over 200 mules in Phoenix, Arizona. They identified hundreds of mules in Michigan, mainly Detroit while in Philadelphia they found more than 1,100 mules who covered dozens of drop boxes each.

Critics of the film - of whom more anon - claim the tracking data isn't specific enough, well how's this for a refutation? To validate their processing, the team decided to look at data relating to two unsolved murders. On July 20, 2020, the eight year old Secoriea Turner was killed by a stray bullet while riding in a vehicle with her mother during a demonstration in Atlanta. (This followed the lethal shooting of Rayshard Brooks by police on June 12). They were able to track data relating to one specific device (mobile phone). They turned over this data to the FBI, and in August last year, a Georgia grand jury indicted Julian Conley and Jerrion McKinney, the former for the actual murder.

After going through the trillions of individual packets of data and some 4 million minutes of official video, they proved their case if not in a legal sense then solidly enough to warrant an official investigation. But who would carry it out, the same FBI who sat on the Hunter Biden laptop, covered for Hillary Clinton, and incited a gang of miscreants to kidnap a state governor?

There is a lot more in this film, including about those who funded the biggest election fraud in history, but at this point let us look at a few reviews. At just after 10pm, London time on May 8, there were 53 reviews on IMDb including 35 top marks - 10/10 and 7 with bottom marks - 1/10. You know what the top reviews say, and the latter?
"What Bushwah! Filled with faulty assumptions, anonymous accounts and improper analysis of cellphone location data, which is not precise enough to confirm that somebody did anything inappropriately..." like identifying a murder suspect?
"Garbage. Talk about beating a dead horse. What I expected from a bunch of cry babies. I'm suppose to believe the guy pardoned by trump. Offered no new evidence everything he brings up have been shut down by judges." - ad hominem.
"Dinesh D'Souza is a joke. Rather than trying to contribute to society, he created this to pander to the former president. Please do your own research and never take anything like this at face value (from either side)." - disguised ad hominem.
At least we are spared the usual epithets of racist, sexist, and latterly transphobe.

What enabled this massive fraud more than anything else was Covid-19 and drop boxes coupled with mail-in votes. In the UK, there is provision for postal voting, but very few people use this. Voting is done on the day; there were local elections on May 5; polling stations - church halls, etc - were open from 7am to 10pm. There has been election fraud in the UK but it has always been extremely small, usually ethnic enclaves and only for local elections. Although the US is a far bigger country than the UK, both population-wise and distance-wise for voters, there is absolutely no reason it shouldn't have a similar voting system, but unless Joe Biden or the lunatics who are pulling his strings are not stopped in 2024 at the very outside, America will be lost.