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People often ask me, where does Klaus Schwab get his bizarre, indeed frightening ideas about transhumanism, globalism and technocracy? Who shapes his worldview?

Let's start off by stating upfront that every Western leader you see on the world stage right now is a puppet of the New World Order. His ideas are not his own but are coming from Satanic inspiration.

So the question is, who is whispering into the ears of Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Johnson, Zelensky and the other frontmen for the global Great Reset?

I don't have all the answers but I do believe we can narrow some of this down.

Trudeau is definitely tied in tightly with Klaus Schwab (check here, here and here). Schwab brags that he has infiltrated half of Trudeau's cabinet with graduates of his school for Young Global Leaders.

Biden, sources tell me, is listening to Obama.

French President Emmanuel Macron is advised by Jacques Attali (research him yourself and you will be astounded).

Boris Johnson in the UK is tied to the British Royal Family, which are huge advocates for the Great Reset. I doubt anyone can get elected prime minister in the UK without the support of "the family."

But what about Klaus Schwab himself? As founder and executive director of the World Economic Forum, we know Schwab has direct access to the Canadian and U.S. governments (he likely goes through Obama to get to Biden), as well as leaders throughout the E.U., Australia and New Zealand.

But who advises Schwab?

Now we have the answer.

The Israeli historian, author and transhumanist Noah Yuval Harari is named by multiple online sources as Schwab's top adviser. One site even calls Harari the "mastermind" behind Schwab's demented ideas.

Yuval Noah Harari with his latest book, "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind"

Yuval Noah Harari
Yuval Noah Harari with his latest book, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”
It makes perfect sense because when you listen to Harari you hear echoes of many Schwabian ideas as expressed in Schwab's books and speeches.

It was Schwab, remember, who said that the Fourth Industrial Revolution would "lead to the fusion of our physical, biological and digital identities."

Schwab also talks about human beings as if they are machines to be programmed and reprogrammed according to the behaviors that those in authority would like them to have, making them obedient slaves of the Great Reset, which represents a totally transformed digital society.

For example, listen to Schwab talking about the wireless connection between man and machine, which he sees merging into one hybrid entity, a sort of humanity 2.0.

Now listen to Harari in the video below.

In the above video Harari claims, in direct opposition to God's Word, that humans are not in possession of a free will. Nor do they have a soul. He suggests there will be a new global surveillance system established in response to viral pandemics, and while this system may at first be seen as temporary it will be "prolonged, indefinitely."

Patrick Wood, editor in chief at Technocracy News and Trends, has studied Harari in depth and says he has millions of devoted followers.

"He is your model transhumanist who thinks he can become god," Wood told me. "He is the chief philosophical adviser to the World Economic Forum and one of the premiere authorities in WEF circles. They just hang on his every word."

The level of evil we are dealing with here is so intense that most Christians and conservatives have no idea how deep it goes and will frankly have trouble believing it. No politician is going to be able to save us from this evil, only Jesus Christ.

Another thing worth noting is that Harari is not only tied in with Schwab. He has a large following among Western elites. One of Harari's admirers is Barack Obama, the man who has the ear of Joe Biden. In fact, Obama has called Harari his favorite author.

It's interesting that just as the U.S. petro dollar is failing internationally, Biden, as if on cue, issues an executive order last week calling for the Attorney General Merrick Garland, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Fed Chair Jerome Powell to put together a report on the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency.

His executive order states that this report, no doubt already with a pre-drawn conclusion, must be finished and on Biden's desk within 180 days.

Does anyone really think the idea for a centrally controlled digital currency and the timing for its creation came from Biden?

Does anyone think this idea came from Merrick Garland, who seems to struggle answering basic questions during Senate hearings? Or the old and decrepit Janet Yellen?


The reason a digital currency will soon be needed is because the hard currency represented by physical paper and coinage are going to be phased out shortly.

And the decisions to this end are not being made at the presidential level. The drive toward a global digital money system involves decisions made by people at a much higher level, the top tier of international bankers such as the Rothschilds and others whose names most of us would not recognize (Jacques Attali could be one of them). The decision has been made and there will be no stopping it short of God's supernatural intervention.

As I previously reported, everything we see happening on the world stage right now is geared toward the emergence of two things - the creation of a digital global ID system (it will launch as a simple vaccine passport but evolve into a universally recognized, overarching ID) and the creation of a digital global money system. The World Economic Forum has been openly pushing for both of these.

Once those two things are in place - digital money and digital ID for all persons - the global predators can proceed with the creation of a truly one-world system under which nothing will happen outside of their surveillance and control. Every transaction will be monitored. They will know what you bought, where you bought it, and how much you paid.

It will no longer be possible to purchase anything or conduct any business outside of the system and its all-seeing eye.

If at the end of the year your purchases don't square up with your income, you will have to answer for it.

If you buy too much storable food, too much gasoline or diesel fuel, too much ammunition, too much alcohol, too much gold or silver, you will have to answer for that, too.

Maybe the system won't even let you get to the point where you need to be questioned. Maybe your digital money, since it is not only digital but programmable, will be programmed to automatically shut off when you reach your quota of any goods or services that the government decides is right for you. This will be required as part of your overall allotted carbon footprint necessary to save the planet and also keep your social credit score within the range of what's acceptable.

Remember, all of the corporations that make and sell stuff will be on board with the government in enforcing this new totalitarian system. It's all part of the Great Reset and is necessary for the "greater good" of humanity, the elites will tell us through their media lackeys. We've already seen through Covid how the most powerful forces in modern society — big government, big business and big media — operate in lockstep.

Comment: We think (and hope) that there will be a great number of businesses, associations and networks that see where things are going and will do their best to circumvent the controls; having said that, it is wise for one to prepare for the increasingly dire food/supply shortages that threaten to get much worse in the coming months and years.

The global predators know that they cannot initiate and integrate these new digital systems unless they ride them into place on the backs of major social upheaval - crises of epic proportions. Harari said it: Never let a crisis go to waste.

That's why they unleashed Covid and that's why they are now unleashing a potential world war.

Think of all the gargantuan changes that followed World Wars I and II. Maps were redrawn after each war, the balance of power was shifted away from certain nation states and toward other nation states.

A one-world religion is also being created under the auspices of "oneness" and the brotherhood of man. Unless you truly have the Lord Jesus Christ and His holy Word burned into your mind and heart, you will submit to this new one-world digital beast system backed up by the Laodicean compromised churches.

The beast system is being erected now through the Great Reset.

But at some point the system will be handed over to a man, per Revelation 13.

I believe some of the men mentioned above - Obama, Macron, Harari, Attali, and possibly a hybrid version of any one of them buttressed by AI - could be candidates for the antichrist.

As members of the Remnant of true Christian believers, we know we can never join this system. Resisting it will make us targets. But God promises He will never leave us nor forsake us! relies on you, the reader, to stay online and continue to provide cutting-edge articles about where the NWO is leading. You may send a contribution of any size c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA, 30264, or via credit card below.

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