france fisherman
Fishermen are blocking fuel depots in northwestern France in protest at surging energy prices, local authorities said on Wednesday, as the issue of inflation and rising living costs looks set to become a key topic in France's upcoming elections.

"The Lorient (Britanny) depot has been blocked for two days as well as others," said a spokesperson for the local prefecture, without giving more details.

The French government, like others in Europe, is facing spiralling energy prices triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Comment: Not quite; prices were surging prior to Russia's incursion - with failed green energy projects, lockdowns, and so on, largely to blame - and unnecessary, unjustified, and useless, US sanctions exacerbated the situation. Note that Russia continues to supply Europe with gas, despite the West declaring an all out economic war on the country.

From April 1, France will to introduce a rebate of 0.15 euros ($0.16) per litre of transport fuel to help drivers cope with rising pump prices. The government is due to announce further measures to help businesses on Wednesday afternoon.

Comment: These same governments that shut down their economies over the contrived coronavirus crisis are indebting the country even further in order to facilitate the US proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Ultimately these vassal economies will collapse under the weight of debt, US sanctions, and corruption.

President Emmanuel Macron said his government has already spent 20 billion euros ($21.97 billion) a year to mitigate a rise in gasoline and power costs.

Comment: Macron also waged a two year long violent campaign of repression against the Yellow Vests who began their protest precisely because the government raised taxes on fuel.

On April 10, France holds the first round of its presidential election, in which Macron is campaigning for a second term.

According to media reports and social media posts, fuel depots are being blocked in the towns of Brest, Lorient, Rennes and La Rochelle.