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Carthago Delenda Est - 'Carthage must be destroyed' - was how Cato the Elder signed off senatorial speeches during his push for war between Rome and Carthage. In our time, American senators are demanding similarly 'total solutions' for Russia as a country in response to Vladimir Putin 'crossing the Rubicon' and invading Ukraine.

Effectively 'de-platformed' from the entire communications network of the West, Russia - and Russians - are being subject to a form of collective punishment that its architects pray will result in Putin's assassination. In the meantime, the Russian government says that its military intervention in Ukraine is going as planned, and will be completed.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? We're going to find out soon enough! In this NewsReal, Joe and Niall disperse the fog of disinformation cloaked around Russia's war in Ukraine, explain why Rome-Caesar comparisons are more apt than people realize, demonstrate conclusively that Ukrainian state civilian and military institutions have been taken over by actual Nazis, and forecast the potential non-linear effects on global trends.

Correction: Since airing, it has come to our attention that the video of Red Cross crates full of US$ (01:43:45) allegedly 'found by Chechen forces in Ukraine' are in fact crates of US$ smuggled into Libya in 2011.
Running Time: 01:55:02

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