children donbass evacuation media spin
Images of children being evacuated from Donbass to safety in Russia, were spun as fleeing the 'invasion' of Kiev
We need to ask why we're being lied to

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been the number one topic of discussion in the news over the last week. We have been flooded with images and videos of what's allegedly happening in Ukraine.

As the days go on, though, we have learned that most of the footage that has been going viral isn't actually from the current Russia invasion. Many of the photos and videos that you're seeing are from years ago and actually have nothing to do with what's happening today in Ukraine. That's not to say that there is nothing happening in Ukraine — we know there is war and a Russian invasion — but the fact that we are being lied to on a large scale by mainstream media should raise some serious questions.

Many Ukraine Photos and Videos Are From Footage That Was Gathered Years Ago

There are a few viral pictures and videos that have people seriously questioning the narrative. Perhaps the most popular one is the viral video of a Ukrainian father bidding his daughter and wife goodbye as they get on a bus to seemingly make their way to safety. The whole internet blew up at the footage, responding with charged emotion.

Unfortunately, it seems as though this footage is untruthfully shared. Several sites have said that this viral clip was actually filmed prior to Russia invading Ukraine in February; it was instead filmed when people were evacuating from Donbass. This young girl was actually being sent to Russia to seek refuge.

There was another clip of a fighter pilot that was supposedly blowing up a Russian aircraft over the capital of Ukraine. The claim was that this jet shot down a Su-35 Russian fighter aircraft to protect their home territory of Kyiv.

Well, it turns out that this video was from a video game. A video game, people.

Yet another picture that went viral was on the cover of The Sun. It featured an older woman with a bloody face and a bandage around her head. The headline read "Her blood on his hands," and the words were placed strategically below a small picture of President Vladimir Putin. This cover was released on February 25. People immediately started responding with links and photos proving that this exact picture was actually taken in 2018 when the woman survived a gas explosion.

Then there were all the photos being shared of Ukrainian President Zelensky, who allegedly decided to stay in his home country and fight on the front lines to protect his people. The pictures look intense to say the least, and the message being circulated was that this president was a standup guy who refused to leave Ukraine. This was shared on February 24.

Well, it turns out that these exact photos were taken on December 6, 2021, when President Zelensky was meeting with service members in eastern Ukraine.

There are also some photos being circulated of a parade of Russian aircrafts supposedly flying over a building in Kyiv, ready to attack the civilians of Ukraine.

You guessed it — fake news. This photo was actually from May of 2020.
russian jets
© GoOn/YouTubeThe "Russian jets over Kiev" turned out to be avisual of Ariel Parade Rehearsal on 4 May 2020 in which flights are flying over Tushino city of Russia.

Comment: And here's the video:

We should all be wondering what the hell is actually going on here. What's the angle? Why is this propaganda being circulated, and what's the end game of showing us these falsified images? Of course, anyone who dares to question what we are being given by the news is automatically called a Russian sympathizer, or better yet a Russian bot.

But the truth is, we need to think critically about the images and videos that are being fed to us by mainstream media. Of course we can care about the innocent Ukrainians who are being devastatingly affected by this war, and of course we can be compassionate on their behalf. But we also need to guard our minds at the same time and make sure we are asking the right questions. Why is the media lying to us yet again? What is their play here?