dangerous webpage
So, I had a little disagreement with Jillian C. York, Director for International Freedom of Expression of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in Berlin and several of her many hacker-type Twitter followers yesterday, and today ... well, it appears NortonLifeLock has blocked the Consent Factory blog and slapped a big, red "dangerous webpage" warning label on it. (You may not see it wherever you live, and you certainly won't if you're not using Norton, but quite a lot of people do use Norton, so that's kind of a problem for an author like me.)

Now, I'm sure this is (a) just a total coincidence, because I know that no one at EFF, nor any of the hacker types that piled in on my Twitter feed after Jillian singled me out for a Twitter mobbing, would stoop so low as to engage in this type of scumbag behavior (i.e., getting the Consent Factory blog flagged as "dangerous" website), and (b) probably just an innocent mistake on the part of the NortonLifeLock Corporation, which of course would never knowingly engage in any type of malicious, defamatory action that would damage an author's reputation and livelihood (like, for example, as set forth in 28 U.S.C. § 4101).

In any event, while I'm waiting for NortonLifeLock to get this "mistake" cleared up, let me give you an update on the atmosphere here in New Normal Berlin, where "the Unvaccinated" (and other political dissidents who refuse to conform to the new official ideology) are effectively banned from human society (i.e., restaurants, cafes, cultural events, stores, etc., even public transport), so we are pretty much under house arrest. OK, we're still allowed to shop for groceries, as long as we wear our medical-looking masks, and we're allowed to go out and walk around in the cold and the rain for as long as we can stand it, so we're technically not prisoners or anything. But it's not exactly ... you know, festive.

Unvaccinated unwelcome
You're wondering what the German on that shop window says, aren't you? It says, "UNVACCINATED UNWELCOME!" It's a familiar message here in Germany. Some of you might remember it from the 1930s, although it referred to a different group of people back then ...

jews unwelcome
Of course, it is totally inappropriate, and wrong, and very, very bad (and, technically, a crime here in New Normal Germany) to compare New Normal Germany to Nazi Germany. I'm not doing that. I would never dream of doing that. Such comparisons, apart from being illegal, are empirically (i.e., according to "Science") inaccurate.

Just because New Normal Germany projects a giant "VACCINATION = FREEDOM" message on an enormous TV tower or two ...

tv tower
... and hate-drunk New Normal German fascists are going around spray-painting "GAS THE UNVACCINATED" in big red letters on the walls of courtyards ...

gas the unvaccinated
... and New Normal goon squads are raiding restaurants, bars, and even barber shops, "checking papers" and otherwise hunting "the Unvaccinated" ...

... that doesn't mean that "conspiracy theorists" like me are allowed to compare one form of totalitarianism to another form of totalitarianism or point out the similarities and differences between two forms of totalitarianism, or anything inappropriate like that.

I am, however, allowed to post tweets like this ...

OK, but just because I'm allowed to post such tweets, that doesn't mean it's a good idea, given the fascistic atmosphere here, currently. In fact, it prompted a lot of New Normals to spew mockery and insults at me in the replies, including, notably, Jillian C. York, Director for International Freedom of Expression of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in Berlin, who, tweeting on behalf of the entire city, informed me that I am unwelcome in Berlin, and then proceeded to stalk me all day on Twitter.

Also, being the Director for International Freedom of Expression of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in Berlin, and having 68,000 or so followers on Twitter, Jillian caused a number of tech-community types and ... well, hackers, to pile in and spew their hate-drunk ridicule and insults at me, and just generally regard me as an evil, life-threatening, disinformation-spreading, "unvaccinated" person with a blog.

And so, here I am today, sending this out on Substack, because the Consent Factory blog is allegedly a "dangerous webpage," at least as far as NortonLifeLock users are concerned.

But, again, I'm sure I'm just being paranoid, and this is just a coincidence ... like all those heart attacks and strokes, and the arrival of the dreaded OMICRON variant, and the Facebook censorship I and many, many others have experienced, and the "warning" that Twitter applies to every article published by OffGuardian ...

unsafe link warning
... all the other coincidences that seem to be happening these days.

Anyway, sorry to bother you will all my personal drama, which probably has nothing to do with you, or the "news" and "verified," "reliable" information you are allowed to read by unaccountable global corporations, which, after all, are not "censoring" anyone, technically, and which certainly have no reason to try to shape and police your worldview, or anything nefarious like that.

Happy holiday shopping ... and all best from sunny New Normal Berlin,

UPDATE: 01 December 12:00 AM CET — NortonLifeLock has advised me that it has removed the fake "dangerous webpage" warning and has deemed the Consent Factory blog "safe" again. Naturally, I received no response to my request for an explanation of why the blog was suddenly deemed "dangerous," but ... whatever. Sometimes, speaking out loudly (and threatening litigation) still works. Thanks to everyone for your support!

UPDATE: 01 December 1:15 AM CET — Well, it appears I added the previous update too soon ...