Waterspout Was Seen off the Coast of Cienfuegos in Cuba

The waterspout seen off the coast of Cienfuegos in Cuba.
A "rare" and dangerous tornado-like waterspout has hit in a bay on the south coast of Cuba.

The sinister looking meteorological event saw the spout descend from dark, ominous clouds at around 5pm on Saturday Cuba time, close to the city of Cienfuegos.

News agency Reuters reported that the long lasting and huge waterspout was a "rare" occurrence. Indeed, very few are usually seen around Cuba. However, at least three such waterspouts have now been reported in and around Cienfuegos Bay over the last four months.

So dramatic was the enormous swirling waterspout's eight minute existence that locals took dozens and videos and snaps of the phenomenon.

The spout formed following a day of storms in the area.

"Without a doubt it is a beautiful show," Virgilio Regueira, a meteorologist at the Cienfuegos Provincial Meteorological Centre said on Facebook.

"But be very careful, because we know that they are very dangerous."