A waterspout was seen near Kampung Kopimipinan in Papar on Monday (Sept 20) as downpours continue to lash parts of Sabah barely a week since a freak storm caused massive damage in areas around.

A video of the waterspout was shared on the Facebook page of local radio station Kupi Kupi FM and was originally shared by Facebook user Ayprel Bony Roman.

Geologist Prof Dr Felix Tongkul said such watersprouts were quite normal and seldom caused danger to anyone.

"Instead, from what we are experiencing now, with continuous rains, it is floods and landslides that we should be more worried about," he said.

Meanwhile, residents in the worst hit areas of Sugud and its surrounding villages in Penampang are seeing a rise in the river water level, following overnight rainfall since Monday.

Many parts of Sabah including Kota Kinabalu, Bundusan, and Kota Belud are experiencing flash floods.

The public have also been reminded not to drive or pass through flooded areas, refrain from touching electrical appliances or poles, and to evacuate immediately if they see that floods are recurring.

The public are also warned against crossing rivers during this season, for fear of mudfloods, driftwood and other debris following the recent floods and landslides.

A villager in Kg Sugud expressed his fears that another flood would happen if the rain continued.

"I have yet to clean up my flooded home. I have not been able to salvage what was left of the disaster and now we are at risk of facing another catastrophe," he said.

He urged villagers to be careful and to keep safety in mind above everything else.

Local residents have also gone on social media to express their concern over the unpredictable weather and to remind each other of staying alert at all times.